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Did you watch my first it's-not-a-periscope? It only took ten minutes to make it. I spoke. My daughter Sophie recorded. We did it all in one take.

"That was easy," I said when we'd finished "I could make loads of these videos. All I need is a few spare minutes. I could talk about all kinds of things."

So a few days later, I shouted, "Hey, Sophie! How about we record another it's-not-a-periscope? We've just got enough time before we have our morning coffee. I could talk about art and creativity and show everyone some of the pictures on our walls."

So Sophie grabbed the camera, pointed it in my direction, and I started speaking. And immediately I made a mistake. I completely messed up the beginning of the video. Sophie laughed and laughed at something I'd said. Videographers aren't as polite as they ought to be!

Here's that first attempt to record my video.

Eventually, we all stopped laughing, and we continued filming. And, despite it taking us longer than expected, we ended up with a second episode of  It's Not a Periscope.

"Do periscopes have show notes?" I asked Sophie.

"I'm not sure."

As this isn't a real periscope, I can do whatever I like. I can make up my own rules. So I put together some notes. I included the links to a few things I chatted about.

Show Notes

Young Woman Gathering Lemons
A poem about mothers, children and creativity by Jan Owens.

Sew Easy
Some ideas for creating red work embroideries, an easy project for anyone including children.

What Happened When I Strewed a Painting on the Wall
Some ideas for encouraging conversations based on paintings.

Why It's Essential I Love My Own Ideas
Our art card collections and how I made them.

Kelly Casanova's Youtube Channel
I'm an avid weaver and dyer and love to share my yarny passions with others. I hope you enjoy my videos!

So would you like a second tour of our home, a slower one than before? Would you like to linger in front of a few pictures, as I chat about art, creativity, and a mother's passions while sharing a few ideas? You do? Fantastic!

Come on in. Let me show you around...

Today I'm tired.

"Have you got anything you really need to do?" asks my daughter Imogen.

"I haven't yet recorded my podcast," I reply. "I should do that today."

"Well, you do that first, and then you must rest. We'll look after you."

I'm very fortunate. When I'm tired, I have older children who are prepared to look after me. But it wasn't always this way. I can remember when a tired day was also a very difficult day.

In this week's podcast, episode 71, I talk about tired and difficult days.
  • Do we plough on when we are overtired, trying to do all we normally do? Should we slow down? Ask for help? How do our tired days affect our children? And how does our attitude affect how we feel about being tired?
  • Also, I ponder the many different definitions of the word 'unschooling' and 'radical unschooling'. Are any of them an adequate description of unschooling? What ingredient do I feel is essential for unschooling? Should it be included in any definition, especially when we're talking about radical unschooling?
  • I share some thoughts about chores
  • I revisit podcast 70, clarifying a point my daughter Sophie and I talked about last week. Is it ever okay to talk about our concerns about our children? What conditions do we feel are necessary if we do this?
  • I share my latest projects: my newsletter and my first it's-not-a-periscope. What is an it's-not-a-periscope? I explain in this podcast or you could hop over to my Youtube channel to find out!
  • Lastly, I  talk about the positive aspects of being tired. Yes, there are some!

Show Notes

Blog posts 

My latest video

Last week's podcast

Podcast Music:
60's Quiz Show by Podington Bear, (CC BY-NC 3.0)

Images: Having fun with my new wide angle lens as I share a glimpse of our home. If you'd like a tour, please watch my video, It's Not a Periscope: Introduction!

You can find more episodes of my Stories of an Unschooling Family podcast on

and here on my blog.

Please feel welcome to stop by to comment or say hello. You could share your favourite definition of unschooling!

Thank you for listening to this week's podcast episode!

I've been thinking about periscopes. It seems to be the latest thing. Loads of people are making them. They head over to Twitter and announce they'll be speaking live at a certain hour. Hopefully, a few viewers tune in at the right time. The presenter starts chatting and sharing...

I've tuned into a periscope once or twice. I've watched and I've wondered whether I should periscope too. But there's a big reason why doing this is difficult: I don't have a smartphone or a tablet with a good quality camera.

The other afternoon, while walking the dog, I had an idea, and as soon as I got home, of course, I had to share it with my girls.

"Hey girls, I can't make periscopes, but I could make it's-not-a-periscopes!" I explained my idea and then said, "I'm going to give it a go."

And this morning, that's what I did. Sophie helped me film my first episode. She followed me around our home while I chatted with my imaginary viewers. I saw hearts exploding across my camera's screen (lots of them!) and I even said hello to a few people. Unfortunately, I couldn't see any questions to answer.

Later, I showed my it's-not-a-periscope to my daughters. "What do you think, girls? Is it okay?"

"It's fine, Mum, but do you think your it's-not-a-periscope is actually a vlog?"

Well, it could be, I suppose. Perhaps you'd like to watch and find out. Will you accept my invitation to see a little bit of my home? Will you join me for my very first it's-not-a-periscope?

Sue Elvis

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