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Has blogging changed? Are people no longer very interested in reading my posts? Maybe they prefer listening to my podcasts? Is it time to close up my blog and move onto other things? I pondered these questions in my last blog post.

I came to the conclusion that blogging may indeed have changed since I created this blog 5 years ago. But despite this, I'm not going to stop blogging. No, I still have some followers who like reading my posts, and I think I would miss writing if I concentrated only on podcasting.

I haven't done much writing recently. Yes, I've written blog posts to go with my podcasts, but I haven't done any writing for its own sake. I haven't begun with a thought, and then explored that thought by writing about it. I've missed the thrill of not knowing where words will lead me. No, I don't really want to give up writing. In fact, I want to do more of it.

The other morning, with these thoughts fresh in my  mind, I had an idea. Perhaps I can create a new blog where I can explore thoughts and ideas without worrying about whether they'll make good blog posts or not. I could just write and see what happens. And who knows? Maybe what I end up writing could turn into a post or a video or a podcast.

I got very excited about this idea. I shared it with my girls. Soon we were brainstorming possible blog names. A few hours later, I had a new blog and had even written two posts. My blog is called Stories of an Unschooling Family: The Raw Files. I imagine it as a behind-the-scenes blog. A companion to this blog. A workroom blog. It's a place where I can write down my raw thoughts and see where they lead.

I love thinking about new ideas. My kids love pondering ideas too. We're always discussing possibilities wondering if they'll lead anywhere. It's exciting chasing ideas into reality.

In this week's podcast, episode 69, I talk about ideas.

I also talk about
  • passions
  • Gemma-Rose's latest passion for writing
  • how passions lead to ideas
  • how an idea may lead to an income
  • how we decide if an idea is worth pursuing
  • unschoolers and entrepreneurship
  • what kind of jobs my kids would like to have
  • my son Callum's recent visit home
  • parenting adult children 
  • Australian history resources
  • my new blog
  • my newsletter
I hope you'll listen!

Show Notes


Luminara's blog The Education Revolution
blog post: Is Your Child a Budding Entrepreneur?
Praxis Teen Entrepreneurship Course

Smart Passive Income 

Australian Resources
Captain Cook
Captain Cook: Obsession and Discovery DVD
Captain Cook: Obsession and Discovery available on Youtube at time of posting
Captain Cook: The Man Behind the Legend available on Youtube at time of posting
Captain Cook, a book by Vanessa Collingridge

Australian History Timeline Website

Office of Environment and Heritage website

My New Unschooling Blog
Stories of an Unschooling Family: The Raw Files

My Newsletter
My Stories of an Unschooling Family Newsletter

Podcast Music 
60's Quiz Show by Podington Bear(CC BY-NC 3.0)

Images: These photos were taken when my son Callum came home to visit and we went on a family outing to a train museum.

If you'd like to comment, please feel welcome to stop by. I'd love to hear about your own passions and ideas. Have they led to an income? Are your children interested in entrepreneurship? And what about adult children? Do you have any tips for parenting them?

You can find more episodes of my Stories of an Unschooling Family podcast on

and here on my blog.

Thank you for listening to this week's podcast episode!

My unschooling blog is almost 5 years old. Things have changed since I created it.

I no longer write about how 7-year-old Gemma-Rose is learning to read and to write and trying to conquer the times tables. No. My youngest daughter is now reading book after book, and she’s writing long novels. The times tables? We’re keeping quiet about those. Somewhere along the way we both lost interest. Instead, I’m writing about NaNoWriMo and Jane Austen. And because my other daughters have, of course, grown a lot too, I’m also writing about adult unschoolers, university and following dreams.

And there’s another change. I look back through my posts and I notice commenters have come and gone. New ones have taken their place. And then they’ve come and gone as well. Overall, comments are fewer than they used to be. This makes me wonder. Is this the result of me not commenting enough on other people’s blogs? Or has blogging changed?

Is blogging as popular as it once was? Or are readers looking for something else? Like podcasts. My podcasts are more popular than my blog posts. Much more popular. Some weeks I’m not motivated to write any blog posts. If any unschooling ideas occur to me, I jot them down, but instead of writing about them, I save them for my next podcast. Speaking is easier than writing. And when more people are listening, rather than reading, is it worth trying to find the perfect written words? I wonder. So each week, I just post my podcast and that’s it until next time.

So has my blog turned into a place to post podcasts? And is that okay?

But what about conversations? Blogs are great places for chatting. But so is Facebook. I have a lot of unschooling conversations on my timeline. I can add links and photos there too. It’s quick and convenient. And most people have a Facebook account. And as I said, not many people stop by my blog anymore.

But a few do. Perhaps these friends aren’t on Facebook. Not everyone is.

So maybe blogging isn’t dead. Maybe it’s just a case of blogging no longer being the whole story. These days, I can share in many different ways, and I do. As well as Facebook, there’s Youtube. And Pinterest and Instagram. Each has its place in telling the unschooling story.

But that’s a lot of places to keep up with. Which is least important? Let's see. I can post my videos on Youtube, my resources on Pinterest, my photos on Instagram, and I can post everything on Facebook which is a good place to chat. Maybe I don’t need to blog anymore, especially as I now have a newsletter. Newsletter? Oh yes, I have one of those as well.

But what about those days when I just want to mull over a few thoughts? Share a quick story? Yes, I could do that on Facebook. But sometimes I miss writing proper posts. But what if I started to do that again. All my readers’ inboxes would fill with emails about the odd moments in my life, random thoughts, nothing important, perhaps not worth reading. And what would people do? Unsubscribe? Because maybe that's not what people want anymore. Things might have changed.

What if readers opened their inboxes and found a totally useless post about how things change?

I wonder.

Do you ever wonder? Has blogging changed?

Blogging may or may not have changed, but Gemma-Rose certainly has! The top photo was taken last Sunday. The bottom one was taken five years ago when Gemma-Rose was seven.

Another thing has changed over the years: My photos are now much better!

Are you a blogger? Has your blogging changed? And if you're a reader, do you look for different things compared to a few years ago? And how's your photography? Has it improved like mine!?

Children bring us great joy. Our hearts overflow with love for them. We enfold them in our arms and enjoy.

But sometimes that same love can cause our hearts to ache. There are times when we wonder if our soft mothers' hearts will survive.

And then there are days when the joy that comes from parenting becomes buried under a heap of tiredness as we try to keep up with everything a mother needs to do.

I could tell you many stories about love and a mother's heart. For this week's podcast, I have chosen five to share with you.

I hope you enjoy the following stories which you'll find in epsiode 68:

Next week's podcast should be back to normal. I've got lots to share with you: ideas I've been pondering, resources, what's been happening around here while my husband Andy has been home from school... I'm looking forward to recording episode 69!

Did you hear about my Stories of an Unschooling Family newsletter? I published the first one a week ago, and my friends greeted it with enthusiasm. (I have the kindest friends.)

I'm sharing my podcast notes in my newsletters, plus a lot of other things. If you haven't subscribed but would like to, there's a form in the sidebar of this blog. I'd love to have you on my team!

If you'd like to comment please feel welcome to stop by. I'd love to hear your own mother's love stories. Do your children demand lots of hugs? Does your heart overflow with love as you embrace them? And does your soft heart ever ache?

Thank you for listening to this week's podcast episode!

PS: You can find more episodes of my Stories of an Unschooling Family podcast on
and here on my blog.

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