Bob Blogosphere Discovers Imogen Elvis

The phone rings.



A deep smooth voice from the past hits my ear.


It’s Bob Blogosphere, the most powerful man in the blogosphere. He’s famous for his deep and probing interviews. He’s the man behind Blogosphere News.

“Sue, I’ve been browsing your blog.”

“My blog?” I ask. “Why?”

“Well, normally, I wouldn’t bother with your blog. But I was desperate. It’s been a slow news week, and I need an interesting story.”

“Did you find anything?”

“Surprisingly, I did!”


Peter Hollens. That name jumped out at me from one of your posts. I thought, ‘What’s Sue doing with such a big name on her small blog?'”

“… such a big name on her small blog?” I turn these words over in my mind. Should I get upset? I don’t have time.

Bob is saying, “Your daughter has entered Peter Hollens’ Christmas music cover contest.” It’s a statement, not a question. “I saw her December Song video. It’s good!”

“Thank you! I’ll let Imogen know…”

“Imogen Elvis…” Bob rolls the name slowly off his tongue.  “Isn’t that a fantastic name for a singer? That’ll get her some attention.”

Imogen? A fantastic name for a singer? I don’t understand.

“I’ve decided to write an article about Peter Hollens and his cover contest,” announces Bob. “I might feature Imogen. I watched her About December Song video. It was great… despite your poor interviewing technique, and I learnt something about Imogen and her music. I just need a few extra details.

“By the way, is Imogen really your daughter? I heard you can’t sing.”

I assure Bob that I am indeed Imogen’s mother, despite my lack of singing ability. “What else do you want to know, Bob?”

“How does Imogen describe herself?”

“She’s an Australian soprano and pianist, creating and sharing her love of music of all kinds.” I can hear Bob tapping at his keyboard.

“She has a Youtube channel, but does she have a Facebook page? Yes? Email me the link.”

With my free hand, I open my computer. As I am copying and pasting the appropriate URL into an email, Bob says, “Well, I think I have everything I need. I’d better go. I’ve got to start writing. I want to publish my article before Friday. That’s when the contest ends.”

I know. That’s when the judges will start comparing the videos, choosing the best… I’m daydreaming.

And Bob is saying goodbye.

“Don’t go!” I cry, my thoughts suddenly returning to the present moment. “I need your advice. You know everything…”

“I do, don’t I?” I can hear the smile in Bob’s voice. “So what do you want to know?”

“What’s the best way to spread the word about Imogen’s music? What can we do to publicise her videos?”

“Ask your friends to share them on Facebook,” replies Bob. Then he lowers his voice as if he doesn’t want anyone else to hear and says, “You do have some friends, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, Bob. I have lots of friends,” I reassure him. “Not as many as you…”

“No one has as many friends as me,” says Bob. “I’m Bob Blogosphere.”

And with these words, he hangs up.

Will Bob really write an article about Peter Hollens’ cover contest? Will he mention my daughter? Why is Imogen a fantastic name for a singer? And do I really have lots of friends?

If you haven’t already done so, I hope you’ll take a look at Imogen’s videos!

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