From Around the Web: Unschooling and Learning to Read

How do unschooled children learn to read? Can we trust them to learn to read in their own time? What if a child is still not reading after a ‘reasonable’ amount of time?

I’ve gathered a few blog posts from around the Internet on unschooling and learning to read. I hope you enjoy them!

1. How Late is a Late Reader?

by Luminara King from Living the Education Revolution

Our daughter, did not learn to read until just before her twelfth birthday. It took a lot of trust and there were days I had my doubts.

2. Children Read When They Are Ready 

by Lehla Eldridge-Rogers from Unschooling the Kids

I read to our daughters till they were eleven. I sat up at night, read books, tantalized them with stories. There was always that nagging feeling, that school-like gremlin of mine that would tap me on the shoulder and say ‘Ha, they are a little old for you to be reading to them don’t you think?’ I would push it away. Like the fear witch this gremlin knows me well…

3. My 6 year old isn’t reading yet

by Joyce Fetteroll from Joyfully Rejoycing

Q: He is 8 and a half and can barely read at a 1st grade level. Schooling him is very difficult because he has no desire to learn how to read.

4. Natural Learning Has No Age Limit

by Sara from Happiness is Here 

There is this idea that ‘natural learning’ is all well and good for young children but at some point you’re going to have to teach them the all important curriculum! They absolutely can not teach themselves to read and write. Not possible! 

This is a myth.

5. Children Teach Themselves to Read

By Peter Gray Ph.D. from Psychology Today

The general assumption in our culture is that children must be taught to read.,,

6. A Slow Learner 

This is one of my posts:

Could I be learning? Could I have actually trusted her to go at her own pace? Could I have finally got it right on my very last child? Sometimes it is me who is the slow learner.

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