How Sharing Interests Strengthens Family Bonds


The other evening, I scrolled through my Youtube feed looking for something to watch. I clicked a link, a video loaded, and I heard these words:

“Early one morning,
just as the sun was rising,
I went to the weir,
 to record a Youtube clip.”

I listened as my husband Andy sang his made-up song in a strange broad accent. My family looked at me when they heard my giggles.

“What are you watching, Mum?” asked my daughter Imogen.

I removed my earphones and said, “The behind-the-scenes video for Loch Lomond. Charlotte captured some very funny moments. I didn’t know you and Dad were doing that dance from Alice in Wonderland…. the futterwack.That was really silly!”

Yes, I have a family who do silly things. When my husband and children get together, anything can happen. Not surprisingly, BTS: Loch Lomond is a very silly video.

As I watched Andy and my girls dancing and laughing and having fun, while they worked together, I not only giggled, I also felt thankful for the love they have for each other.

The Loch Lomond video, in particular, shows the close relationship which exists between Andy and Imogen.

Does spending time together, as we share interests, draw families close? I think it does.

The other day, Imogen made a couple of very short videos in which she talks about her music, singing with her dad, and what it was like recording Loch Lomond.


Does your family share any passions? Do you take an interest in the things that excite your children? Perhaps you invite them to share the things you like to do? 

Now you’ve shared my family’s story, I’d love to hear yours!

PS: I embedded the last two videos from Facebook. They can be found on Imogen’s Facebook page. If you haven’t already done so, hop over and take a look at her posts!

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