Love and a Mother’s Heart Stories


Children bring us great joy. Our hearts overflow with love for them. We enfold them in our arms and enjoy.

But sometimes that same love can cause our hearts to ache. There are times when we wonder if our soft mothers’ hearts will survive.

And then there are days when the joy that comes from parenting becomes buried under a heap of tiredness as we try to keep up with everything a mother needs to do.

I could tell you many stories about love and a mother’s heart. For this week’s podcast, I have chosen five to share with you.

I hope you enjoy the following stories which you’ll find in epsiode 68:

Next week’s podcast should be back to normal. I’ve got lots to share with you: ideas I’ve been pondering, resources, what’s been happening around here while my husband Andy has been home from school… I’m looking forward to recording episode 69!


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If you’d like to comment please feel welcome to stop by. I’d love to hear your own mother’s love stories. Do your children demand lots of hugs? Does your heart overflow with love as you embrace them? And does your soft heart ever ache?

Thank you for listening to this week’s podcast episode!

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  1. Reply

    Great podcast. I always love to hear your stories. They keep me motivated. Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do, especially when people are so astonished at me having 6 children. I love your stories. It's definitely easier to appreciate how fast children grow when you have a teenager and a baby. I'm in that situation now.

    1. Reply


      You said, "It's definitely easier to appreciate how fast children grow when you have a teenager and a baby." Yes, that's so true! I hadn't thought about it like that.

      Having children spread over a large age range can be lots of work because of all their differing needs, but it's also wonderful. I loved seeing my teenagers interacting with our babies, carrying them, putting them to sleep, playing with them. And our little ones always adored their bigger siblings. Still do! Why do we do it? Because, despite the hard work, we love our kids and they love us!

      Thank you so much for listening to my podcast. It's always good to share with you!

  2. I think I know how you feel, although my kids are still so much younger than yours. I know the feeling of overflowing with love for them. I know the warm feeling that I have when I spend time just watching them. But I also know those times when I'm just exhausted because of sleepless nights, lots of housework, lots of other things to do.

    Sometimes I can be really patient although my little one are having a bad day. Sometimes I'm not patient at all although they are having a good time.

    However, I really enjoy Motherhood, no matter how hard it is sometimes. And I sure enjoy times when someone else is around to help me and support me with everything around here.

    1. Reply

      living a Catholic fairytale,

      I remember my heart overflowing with love for my first child even before she was born! Yes you definitely know how I feel!

      Oh yes, some support and help would make all the difference. I never had (and still don't have) extended family living close by. But what if we could share the work and pleasures of having our children?

      Motherhood is difficult at times, but I am so glad I am a mother. I have been truly blessed!

      Thank you for listening to my podcast, and for sharing your thoughts. I love chatting with you!

  3. Reply

    Enjoyed the stories, Sue! We had a child we called Danger Girl after the number of times we had to take her to the emergency room. As a mom, you wish you could just take all the pain on yourself to spare your child! She hasn't been to the ER in a long time though, and what really remains is the love. That love we have for our children is more than worth all the pain! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Hope you are enjoying your autumn! 🙂

    1. Reply


      Danger girl? Oh my, I bet she caused you a lot of worry. Yes, we'd much rather suffer ourselves than watch our children suffer, I do agree. It's funny how we seem to be down at the hospital nearly every week and then one day, we realise we haven't been there for a long time. We've moved on to a new phase. I suppose, as Callum said, scrapes change in nature. Our kids no longer break bones, but they're still getting themselves into trouble. Yes, the pain is worth it because we love!

      We ARE enjoying autumn, thank you. The trees look beautiful in their autumn colours and the weather hasn't got very cold yet. I suppose we're living on borrowed time. One day we're going to wake up and find the pleasant temperatures have disappeared. Then again, our weather never gets cold if we compare it to yours!

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