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When a Daughter Enters the Convent
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Lunch with the Saints
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How to Get Our Children to Trust Us
What if...?
A Real Science Education
An Unschooling Way of High School Science
Passions, Careers and Time
A New Unschooling Year Begins
Imogen's Unschooling Plan to Get into University
From Unschooling to Successful University learning
Paintings, Jigsaws and other Art History Ideas
Breeding like Mice
Chess, Sudoku, and Lazy Summer Days
Encouragement from a Super-Hero Sister
What I Think Unschooling Is All About
My Unschoolers' End-of-the-Year Reports
When Will I Use All This Maths Mum?
What to Do When Strewing is Rejected
Independent Learners. Toast and Heavy Washing Baskets
A Real Maths Learning Moment
The Tricky Problem of Giving a Child Unasked-For Help
How Much Is Enough?
Some Bits and Pieces...
Nurturing Independent Learners
Having the Confidence to Ignore the Opinions of Others
Giving My Unschoolers a Maths Test
How the Girls Are Going to Write Novels in Only One Month
Tired and Cranky and Lacking Enthusiasm
Forcing a Child to Do What He is Afraid to Do
Resolving to Go on More Adventures
Love and Physics
A Better Way to Get into University
Real Maths Running
My Homeschool Records Book
My Unschooling Highschoolers and Writing
An Education at the Museum
Another Unschooling Holiday
Remembering to Trust
A Main Course of Reading Out Loud
How Do You Feel on a Monday Morning?
Some Maths to Share on One of Those Tired Mornings
Comparing Homeschooling Styles: a Child's View

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  1. Dear Sue,

    I accidentally found your blog and absolutely love it! Been reading your entries on My Homeschooling Stories.

    We started homeschooling this year and as you know, with all new beginners, there's lots to learn, especially for the mother. We are slowly moving more towards unstructured approach. It's exciting and scarry at the same time. So, reading your experiences here really help! Thank you very much also for your honesty because it makes me feel that what I'm experiencing is normal. And with God's grace, I can do this very challenging job :).

    1. Wei Yun,

      I am so glad you found my blog! Thank you for stopping and leaving a comment.

      Exciting and scary? I can understand that! Have you read "A Little Way of Homeschooling"? Here's a quote I really love about trusting God and having confidence we can homeschool our children:

      "God will give each of us the time that we need to learn everything He wants us to know; this applies to both ourselves and our children. Why do we expect we must teach it all to our children in our homeschool? And why do we automatically assume that this burden of prospective learning will be painful for them, arduous for us? There is a less frightening way….

      … In the spirit of St Therese, we as Catholics ought to realise that Jesus has set us free. If we believe His words, if we strive to believe Him more and more, we will start by living one day at a time, letting tomorrow take care of itself. Already we will have made progress if we refuse to see the whole future of a child contained in today’s accomplishments, successes and failures…

      …Spend time listening to Him, and let Him tell you what He desires for your family. It may be unschooling… Whatever it is, you will recognise it by the peace it brings to you and your children. Do not settle for anything else."

      Did you see the free giveaway for this book? Perhaps you'd like to enter. I could add your name...

      I hope you'll feel welcome to return and share more of my posts, and stop and discuss... I'm always happy to share my experiences and offer any help.

      God bless!

    2. Hi Sue, yes I would like to enter for the free give away. How do I go about it?

      Believe it or not, I'm actually going through all your entries under Homeschooling stories because I find them SO inspiring! And since you have so highly recommended Suzie Andres book, it's on my must-read book list now :).

      Somehow while reading your posts, I find it very comforting because they speak directly to my concerns, things that I have yet to find answers to, somehow your experiences help bring the message home for me :). Thank you! Your blog is already on my favorite list to visit :).

    3. Wei Yun,

      I feel so honoured that you're reading all my homeschooling stories. Thank you! We are all different as families but it can be good to share and encourage each other along. I guess the details of homeschooling may vary from family to family but we can still share common principles.

      I don't know if you have noticed but most of the links to these stories lead to my other blog, Sue Elvis Writes. The stories are also on this unschooling blog but I need to update the links. I must get around to doing that!

      I guess we all have our concerns about homeschooling. We want to do the best for our children and not risk their education in any way. Perhaps the experience of having homeschooled 4 children all the way from kindy to university entry has given me the confidence I used to lack. I am really enjoying my younger children because I know unschooling works and is the right fit for us. I no longer worry about the little things and just enjoy my girls. I wish I'd been so sure about what I was doing with my older ones! But I don't think any real harm was done during my times of trial and error. Children are resilient!

      I hope you also find the confidence and knowledge to overcome your concerns. I think homeschooling should be enjoyed!

      I'm sorry Wei Yun, but the giveaway is over. I drew the winners a few days ago. I would still recommend Suzie Andres' book though. It's available as a paperback or Kindle book from Amazon.

      Please stop by any time and say hello.

      God bless!


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