The Difference Between Radical Unschooling and Unparenting


Someone says, “Radical unschooling is an irresponsible way of life. I know a family of radical unschoolers. Their kids are wild and out of control.”

And someone else replies, “Are you sure that family is radically unschooling? To me, they sound like they’re unparenting.”

So what’s the difference radical unschooling and unparenting? How do we know we’re doing one and not the other? And how do we radically unschool anyway? Is it a matter of just letting go completely, stepping back, and trusting our kids to do the right thing?

I discuss these questions in my video The Difference Between Radical Unschooling and Unparenting. I talk about some of the same ideas that can be found in my podcast, episode 80: Radical Unschooling.

I made this video a couple of months ago. I did mean to publish it immediately but somehow didn’t. You’ll notice I mention episode 80 as being my latest podcast. Of course, it isn’t. I’ve actually made a few more episodes since that one.


So I’m wondering…

Do you radically unschool? Perhaps you listen to podcasts? And do you ever write posts or make videos and then somehow forget to publish them?

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