What Do You Think About..? Chat with Us About All Kinds of Issues!

Would you like to chat live with me and my girls? Each week, we’re going to be discussing a topic that’s hopefully of interest to both young people and parents:


Possible topics






healthy eating

body image


social media

communication skills

careers and motherhood





role models

rules and trust


No doubt, we’ll think of many more things we can chat about. We’d love to hear your ideas too!


If you’re interested, here are the details

When: Each Thursday at about 9.30 am, Australian (Sydney) time (UTC + 10). Imogen will post the exact time early on Thursday on her page.

Where: Imogen Elvis’ Facebook page

Who: Imogen, Charlotte, Sophie, Gemma-Rose and me



Our first conversation

We’ll be chatting about clothes on Thursday 7th September.


Questions about clothes

Is our appearance important?

Are we judged on how we look?

Should parents make clothes rules for their children?

Are there occasions where we should think carefully about our choice of clothes?

Can we have fun with clothes?

What about fashion?

Can we be fashionable but modest at the same time?

Is it good to choose clothes so that we fit in?

Should we develop our own style?

Where do we buy our clothes?

Do we share clothes?

How do we choose music video outfits?


I’m sure there are lots of other clothes questions we can discuss!


An Introductory Video

Last Thursday, Imogen, Sophie and I chatted live about this new series on Facebook. Perhaps you’d like to watch this video.


If you can’t join us live

If you can’t join us on Thursday but are still interested in our conversation, you’ll be able to view the video later. (You don’t need to have a Facebook account to watch.) It’ll be in the archive on Imogen’s Facebook page.

So are you interested in chatting with us? And do you have any topics you’d like to discuss? 

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    • Alison
    • September 7, 2017

    Hi Sue, this is a wonderful idea and we would love to join in on the live Facebook chats. Unfortunately we already have plans this morning but we’ll watch the conversation later today. That’s a great list of ideas you already have. Evangeline and I will think together about any further topics. (Evangeline turns 13 tomorrow! 🙂 ).

    1. Reply


      Thank you for your interest in our conversations!

      Tomorrow we shall both have 13-year-old daughters. Happy birthday Evangeline!

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