A Little Way of Homeschooling: More Winners!!!

Suzie Andres visited my blog this morning and then emailed
“oh my, all the comments!
how delightful…
… Such lovely women…”
I have to agree! Everyone has been so delightful. I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to visit my blog and enter my giveaway. I have really enjoyed meeting you and swapping comments.
I’d also like to thank my fellow bloggers
who shared the link with their readers and on Facebook:
Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur at Spiritual Woman
Elisa at Elisa Loves
Willa at Take up and Read
and anyone else who shared but I didn’t see.
 Your kindness is
I said I’d draw the winners on 1 October, the feast day of
St Therese, and maybe you’re wondering why it is now 2 October, and still I
haven’t announced the winners. I deliberately left the drawing until today
because many of you live in a time zone different to me. We are well ahead of some readers. I hope by now everyone
has caught up with us and you have all now celebrated or are celebrating St Therese’s feast day. Happy Feast Day! I know we are going to be showered with roses especially after Suzie’s novena. Thank you St Therese. Thank you Suzie.
So onto the winners….
I wrote all the names on slips of paper, popped them into a
bag, did some shaking, and then asked three of my children to draw out a winner
each. Here they are…
In case the photos aren’t clear enough, here’s the names

Add caption
Congratulations, Elisa, Unknown and T.  Elisa, I have your email address.
Could T and Unknown please either email me your contact details, or leave another comment
(which I won’t publish). Thank you! I am sure you will all enjoy your copies of
Suzie Andres’ A Little Way of Homeschooling.
Please feel welcome to visit my blog again in the future.
And stop by and say hello. I would love to hear from you.
And I am now off to email Suzie and share the giveaway news!

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      It was good to see your name come out of the bag! Thank you for your email. I'm glad you are enjoying your Kindle. I know you will enjoy having A Little Way of Homeschooling on it to dip into when ever you feel like some inspiration.

      God bless!

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