Amineko the Crafty Crochet Cat

Amineko is a Crafty Crochet Cat and so cute!
He can sit
and lie down
and kneel
and even sleep in his own snuggle bag.
He can be made in any colour
and any size depending on the chosen yarn.
He can be striped or plain.
He can wear shorts
and his sister can wear a watermelon dress.
Amineko is very easy to make
Charlotte made one for Sophie for her birthday out of an odd ball of wool. 
Hello My Name is Amineko: The Story of a Crafty Crochet Cat by Nekoyama is available from Amazon and The Book Depository and Fishpond
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    He's adorable! The black one reminds me of Mr Bean's cat!! Uh-oh – I'd better hide this post or I'll get orders to make a whole pile of them;-)

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      Maybe Bethany could make a cat or two or three… one in each colour. They would make great presents. Sophie loves hers. Can Bethany crochet? I bet she'd have no problems. She's a very crafty girl!

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