An Absolutely Wonderful Book on the Apostles’ Creed for Children

The Creed in Slow Motion was written by Monseigneur Ronald Arbuthnott Knox. Arbuthnott Knox? Don’t you just love that name! It immediately captured my girls’ imaginations, even before they started listening to his book.

I first came across The Creed in Slow Motion in Suzie Andres’ book Homeschooling with Gentleness. Suzie and her son were reading it together, and they were both thoroughly enjoying it.  I rushed off to the Kindle store to see if I could also find a copy. Yes! Within minutes I’d downloaded an e-version and soon I was reading it aloud to Imogen and Charlotte.

Each chapter is a homily on a phrase in the Apostles’ Creed:

I Believe (1)
I Believe (2)
The Father Almighty
Maker of Heaven and Earth
And in Jesus Christ…

Knox wrote the homilies for the students of a girls’ school where he was chaplain during World War II. His witty and thought provoking style kept us all captivated (and smiling). We learnt so much from reading each chapter. I hadn’t intended to read the book to Sophie and Gemma-Rose but I found them listening in too.
Here is Amazon’s book description:

During the WWII bombing of London, Ronald Knox–a priest, radio personality, detective novelist, scholar, and Catholic convert–found himself the chaplain of a girls’ school where students were being sheltered. When his existing homilies were exhausted, Knox began to write new ones for his students based on the Apostles’ Creed. The homilies were so well-received that they were later published as The Creed in Slow Motion. With resurgent interest in the life and writings of Knox, as well as forthcoming changes to the English translation of the Creed, the new edition of this classic could not be more timely.

The book is available from Amazon as a paperback or Kindle book, or paperback copies can be ordered from The Book Depository

I thoroughly recommend The Creed in Slow Motion. I just wish I could find a copy of The Mass in Slow Motion… I have just discovered that Knox also wrote The Gospel in Slow Motion. Has anyone seen these books? I will keep searching for copies!

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    I'm enjoying looking at your book recommendations, Sue. I'll definitely follow this one up. Thank you:-)

    1. Reply


      I am also enjoying hearing about other people's favourite books. I just ordered a couple from The Book Depository!

      The Creed in Slow Motion is definitely worth buying! You could read it on your iPad. Aren't we fortunate having such easy access to books?

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    Found "Mass in slow motion" in a second hand shop in Campbelltown.

    The link is

    Found "Gospel in Slow Motion" as audio mp3 from Ignatius press in USA.

    The link is

    Hope this helps

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      That was a wonderful help! Thank you very much for going to this trouble for me. I bought both products! I can't wait to share them with the girls. I wonder if you have any Ronald Knox books yourself. I saw other books/audios by Knox on the Ignatius site which I will bookmark for future reference.

      Thank you again.

      God bless!

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