An Evernote Workshop (7): 50 Coloured Background Note Templates (to download)

Today, I have something I hope you’re going to like: coloured background templates for Evernote notes! I have made 50 templates for you to download and use in your notebooks.

How to download a template

  • Click on a coloured square

  • The link will take you to this screen:


This screen will appear:

  • Choose which notebook you’d like to save the template to
  • Click on SAVE


A Templates Notebook

Maybe you’d like to create a templates notebook so that you can use each template over and over again. When you need a coloured background, open this notebook, choose a template, and then copy it into another notebook ready for use.

Like Some More Colours?

What do you think of the colours I’ve chosen? Would you like some more? I’m going to make more templates another day so watch out for them. And if you’d like to make your own coloured background templates, I’m going to show you how to do that in another post!


So what do you think? Will you use these templates? Perhaps the lighter ones will be good for dark text. (You could use white text on the darker ones.) They might liven up a personal journal or diary. How about using the templates as photo backgrounds? I’d love to hear your own ideas!

PS: Don’t you love the names of the colours?!

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