An Unschooling Conversation Between Friends

My Unschooling Book Series (2)

This is the second post in my unschooling book blogging challenge. During November, I’m sharing excerpts from my book as I write and edit it. Of course, this isn’t the final draft. Words might change. And I’m not going to be sharing everything I write. Just bits and pieces.

Today, I’ve been trying to set the tone for my book.

I don’t want to write as an expert who knows everything and wants to tell you what you should be doing. Instead, I want to be an encouraging friend. I want to share possibilities. When you read my words, I want you to feel excited. Of course, at the end of the book, I’d like you to say, “Yes, we can unschool too!”

I’d like my book to be an unschooling conversation between friends.

I open my laptop and plug in my mic. After hitting the ‘record’ button, I say, “Hi, I’m Sue Elvis from the blog Stories of an Unschooling Family. Welcome to my podcast!”

Soon I’m pondering ideas and thoughts as I share my family’s stories. And although I might look like I’m all alone, speaking to myself, I’m not. I’m chatting to my listeners who will soon be tuning in to my latest unschooling episode.

My voice travels all around the world while I stay home in Australia. Isn’t that a fascinating thought? And in this way, I’m with people as they run, walk, fold washing, sweep floors, knit, weave, and drive along in their cars. And I’m also in kitchens. At the table, maybe. With tea and biscuits…

I’m the friend who comes to tea and chats about unschooling.

Sue Elvis comes to my house for tea. Or so I imagine every time I listen to her podcast.*

And I feel honoured to be invited in and welcomed as a friend.

Of course, that’s podcasting and this is a book. And although the situation is different, I’d still like to speak to you as a friend. As you read these pages, perhaps you can imagine us sitting around your kitchen table, mugs in our hands, chatting about unschooling together.

I’m going to share my family and our experiences. We’ll ponder ideas and thoughts. Our conversation will go deep and wide. It’ll be honest and real. And it’ll be flavoured with love and gentleness.

I hope that you’re going to get excited about the possibilities. I want my words to encourage you, if you haven’t already done so, to set out on an unschooling adventure of your own.

*The quoted words come from a podcast review written by Samantha:

Sue Elvis comes to my house for tea. Or so I imagine every time I listen to her podcast. Every time a new person asks about unschooling, or about how to unschool when needing to follow a curriculum, I share this wise woman’s podcast. She offers tips for recording activities, and how to treat children with love and compassion. But more than that, I love her sharing with me about her family, her passions and her concerns. Thank you for this beautiful body of work, Sue Elvis. 

Thank you, Samantha, for being such a kind friend. I love stopping by for tea!

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    • Nancy Saffield
    • November 3, 2017

    Sue, I absolutely love getting your blog posts and listening to your podcast. You have made me a much more confident unschooler. My son Nathan who of course I’ve shared about you with him and him with you is just a delight to unschool. Thanks so much for another great blog post I feel like we are having tea together.. Nancy

    1. Reply


      I’m so glad you understood what I wrote about tea. Yes, we drink tea together and chat even if only in our imaginations! Thank you so much for your encouraging and kind words. They mean a lot!

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