Another Invitation to Come In and Meet My Family

It’s been more than two years since I last invited everyone to come in and meet my family. They’ve been lots of changes in that time. If you’re an old friend you will have visited us many times. You will know all the latest news. But what if you’ve never been here before? Then I invite you to knock at our cream front door. Someone will open it and invite you in.

“Come on in and meet my family.”
“Felicity isn’t here,” I’ll say. She’s 26 years old. She left home when she was 18. For the last 6 years or so she’s been living in Perth. Perth is a long way from where we live, about as far as you can go from here without leaving Australia. She lives there with her husband Graham. They married two years ago.
“Here’s a photo, “ I say. It’s not up-to-date. We haven’t seen Felicity and Graham since their wedding.
I call for the boys. Duncan appears. He smiles in his own quiet way. He’s 25. He is well on his way to completing his Masters of Teaching. He wants to be a primary school teacher.
Let me introduce you to Callum. He holds out his hand. Watch out. His grip is strong. He works out. He grins. He’s been working full time at Aldi as a trainee manager for the past couple of years. In his spare time he is a true unschooler, following his passion for cars. He has plans which involve cars and further study and a small business. He has a deep bass voice and sings with the choir… whenever he remembers to turn up for the practices.
Imogen tears herself away from her computer where her fingers have been flying over the keys. She’s almost 19. She’s in her second year of an arts degree: Professional Writing and Publishing. She wants to be an editor as well as publish her own novel. She’s a musician: a singer and pianist.
Charlotte wanders in. She’s 16. She’s interested in drawing and digital art, writing and chemical explosions. She sings and plays the piano too. She knows her own mind and has a wicked sense of humour.

Sophie is in the kitchen. She’s cooking chocolate oatie biscuits. She’s 12, has beautiful big eyes, is kind-hearted and everyone’s friend. Her older sisters are her heroes. She yearns to have their talents. She doesn’t realise she has talents of her own.
Last in line: Gemma-Rose. Nine years old. Loves writing and drawing, sewing and cooking. Wow! She has grown so much in the last couple of years. Those long legs help her keep up when we all go running. But she’s still small enough to climb on my lap for a hug.
My husband Andy isn’t here. He’s at work. He’s a primary school teacher. I think that’s rather a funny occupation for an unschooling father. He’s the love of my life, of course, my high school sweetheart, my best friend. We’ve known each other a very long time.
I show you another photo; “This is Thomas.” He lived for a day and changed our lives forever. 
We have a few more children, seven in fact. But you can’t meet those. We haven’t even met them ourselves. They died far too soon. But one day…
Introductions have been made. The kettle is on and Sophie’s biscuits are out of the oven. Sit down. While we eat, I’ll tell you a bit about my blog.
I like to write stories. These are my unschooling stories. They are about my family. They include my ponderings on parenting and education. They are my observations from bringing up my own children. I sometimes share interesting and useful resources I have discovered. I write about my love for my children and our unschooling life. Neither is perfect and I’m not either, so I sometimes write about the difficult times too. 
I try to write from a personal point of view. I’m not an expert. I don’t write in order to tell people what to do. All families are different. We need to do things our own way, but we can share ideas and encourage each other and be friends.
I invite you to share my stories. I invite you to stop and say hello. Will we be friends? I hope so.

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  1. Reply

    We already are friends (I hope!)
    Lovely as always to read more about you all.
    God bless 🙂

    1. Reply


      Of course we are friends! Thank you for sharing my updated 'about my family'. I was reading the old one the other day and suddenly realised it was very out of date. Things change so quickly with children.

      God bless!

    • amy
    • November 6, 2013

    Love this! And love *knowing* you!

    1. Reply


      I love knowing you too! Thank you for your kind words. I'm smiling!

  2. Reply

    Oh Sue! You are so blessed! I don't think I've ever seen so many beautiful faces in one family! And, not only on the outside, but with so much light and joy shining in their eyes…everyone is radiant. It must be hard to resist hugging on little Gemma Rose all day long 🙂 But, I can see that she gets plenty of hugs…love the pic of her and Callum. Was that Thomas' christening gown? His hair looks red..,like yours? Thank you for sharing your family. The love you all obviously have for one another, and the way that you live your lives is such an inspiration. I feel such joy in just seeing, and hearing about all of you. Thank you! May God bless and protect and keep you all close in spirit all the days of your lives. xoxo I'm sending a "group hug." 🙂

    1. Reply


      Yes, I am very blessed, not only with my children, but with your friendship too. You always take such an interest in our family, encouraging me along and sharing in our joys. Thank you!

      Thomas is wearing a gown made by a hospital volunteer. It was 'made with love'. A group of ladies make clothes for babies in the NICU. I didn't have any clothes in my bag for Thomas. There were some in the car 'just in case' but I didn't even think about going to get them. We were given the gown and a special baby quilt after Thomas died. After the nurse took away all his tubes and other medical equipment after he died, she washed him and dressed him before bringing him back to us. Thomas didn't have a baptismal gown, only a white bib-like garment. He couldn't be dressed so the garment was just laid on top of him. Yes, I think Thomas' hair had a touch of red in it!

      You are a very special friend, Patricia. Your love and hugs always mean so much to me. I wish we lived close and we could adopt you properly!

      God bless!

  3. Reply

    Such a precious family you have Sue! What blessing they all are! I loved getting to know them and what their interests are!

    1. Reply


      Thank you! Summarising a child in a few words is an interesting exercise. I wonder if they would describe themselves differently. Probably!

      Thank you so much for your comment.

  4. Reply

    Lovely, Sue! It so nice to be part of this, to meet your gorgeous family and be friends. Greetings from the other side of the globe 🙂

    1. Reply


      I love being friends with you too! Sharing our families helps us to get to know each other better. Thank you for your kind words. Greetings are now coming your way from this side of the world!

  5. Reply

    So glad that we are blog friends…Thanks for the glimpse of each Family member, it would be lovely to meet you all IRL. Until then, I will have to be content with with these little pictures and stories of your life

    1. Reply


      Maybe one day we will get to meet each other. You never know what God has planned for us. In the meantime can share a lot through blogs and Facebook. So grateful for the Internet. God bless!

    • Hwee
    • November 6, 2013

    What a beautiful family you have! It's really useful for me to read your story and learn about your approach to homeschooling. Thanks for sharing so much wisdom and experience.

    1. Reply


      You are always so encouraging. Even though we've been homeschooling a very long time I am still learning. I thought I'd have homeschooling all worked out by now. Instead it continues to be a big adventure! I always love picking up new ideas from friends. It's lovely to share with you!

  6. Reply

    I already feel like I know your family, and now I do even more! You have such a gift of hospitality, of warmth and goodness and kindness. Your family is like a burst of sunshine. It's a good thing all your readers don't live in your neighborhood, or you'd have all of us on your PHYSICAL doorstep 28 hours a day!!

    1. Reply


      Thank you for your kind words. I am fortunate my family doesn't mind me writing about them! It is much more difficult for other bloggers to be so personal. Their families are obviously more shy and retiring than mine!

      If all my readers lived in my neighbourhood I would have to write less so I could spend more time cleaning the house. My virtual home is beautiful but my real home isn't! You'd still be welcome though. I would love to hear a knock at the door and see you waiting outside. A 28 hour day? Can you imagine? An extra 4 hours I could fill with writing. Or I suppose I could do more housework just in case anyone came to visit!

    • Eva
    • November 10, 2013

    So nice to see all of you together, including Thomas! Interesting to read about each member of the family. Will you see Felicity in the near future? I don't get to see my parents often, so I do sympathize.

    I'm sorry, but we never signed up for the writing contest. I simply don't have time right now to take a look. My husband is traveling this month a lot, so computer time is even less frequent than normally.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Reply


      Felicity and her husband Graham haven't any immediate plans to come home for a visit. I guess Andy and I might visit them one day. It would be too expensive to take the whole family. At least we can talk on the phone or email and there's always Facebook!

      There's no problem not getting involved with the novel writing month. Maybe another year you will have the opportunity to do it. It does take up a lot of time. Another interesting writing challenge is the A-Z April Blogging Challenge. My girls and I did that earlier this year. It's just one blog post a day for 30 days. The blog posts can be as short as you like as long as their titles follow the alphabet. That was a lot of fun! I will have to remember to advertise that challenge nearer to the date.

      I hope you are enjoying your weekend too!

    2. Reply

      Thank you very much for your replying. it is me maria, I enjoying reading your blog,it is nice to see your family was lovely too, if you could tell me where you from?.

      My family and I live 30 km away from Honiara. Our Village name is Vatuluma, Vatuluma means Cave.Our Parish is St. Mary Tanagai. We live on the Hillside of Poha river.
      My first daughter is Lois Jae, she is 15 years old, My son is 11 years old, he is Sabino Mele, My other daughter is Lawrencia Tatave and she is 7 years old and last daughter is Mary Noela,she is 4 years old.

      On the 1st November 2013, we come to church attend Mass on the feast day of All saints . Lois Jae having her second year at St.Joseph Tenaru-year 8 student. Sabin o Mele attend the Sunday School rally-retreat on 1- 3 November.

      On weekend last week we enjoy swimming in river where we manage to creep our water grass cabbage.

    3. Reply


      I was so pleased to see your comment and read all about your family. I love how the Internet connects us all together, regardless of where we live in the world. And although we live in different countries, we belong to the same Catholic family!

      I received the photos of your beautiful family. I will write more in an email!

      God bless you and your family!

  7. Reply


    The pictures are amazing! I also loved your descriptions too!
    Sophie looks lovely in her braces by the way!!!

    God Bless

    1. Reply


      Thank you! I know Sophie will be pleased with your comment about her braces. She has only had them for a couple of weeks. I don't know if you can see the purple elastic bands in the photo. The bands come in all sorts of trendy colours. Charlotte chose hot pink when she had her braces.

      God bless!

  8. Reply

    Sue, I am new to your space here. I am so drawn in by the way that you describe your family. So honest, and hopeful. Love that. I too have an oldest child who lives far away. We talk by phone and text often, but we miss him. He is coming for a visit in a few weeks. It is cheaper for him to come here than for all of us to go there! Anyway, I just want to say thank you for the way that you make your readers feel welcome. Blessings!

    1. Reply


      I am so pleased to meet you! Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying hello. I appreciate your kind words.

      You must be so excited at the thought of your son coming home for a visit! I know what you mean about it being cheaper for him to travel home. My daughter Felicity and her fiance came home to be married in our parish church. We were so grateful Graham's family didn't mind travelling from the other side of Australia because we couldn't afford to take our whole family to their home. They really were very gracious.

      I quickly visited your blog but I want to return for a more leisurely visit. So many interesting posts! I want to stop to say hello but I don't want to be rushing, so I'll come back again tomorrow. I hope you understand. Somehow the day has disappeared.

      God bless you!

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