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A couple of weeks ago, I emailed the subscribers of my unschooling newsletter with a question:

… what do you think about a ‘typical unschooling day’ feature? Would it be interesting to read about each other’s days? Of course, we’re not going to judge one another. We won’t say such things as, “That’s not my idea of an unschooly day.” We’re just going to enjoy seeing things from different families’ perspectives. So will you write about your day? I could sprinkle a typical day or two into each newsletter…

A few kind people did write about their typical unschooling days. As I was adding these contributions to my newsletter draft, I wondered if I ought to write something too. Should I add my last typical unschooling day post or write something new?

Typical unschooling days do change according to the season of the unschooling year as well as the needs and interests of our children. I decided it was worth sharing a new typical day.

So this week’s podcast is about our current unschooling day. While I’m chatting about what our day looks like, I head down a few sidetracks as I discuss the reason behind the things we do. I talk about sharing our faith with our kids, exercise, strewing, sibling relationships and more.

Here’s a summary of what I discuss in episode 76:

  • Is there such a thing as a typical unschooling day?
  • Do our days change over time?
  • Is it time to share a new typical day?
  • How can we share our beliefs (Catholic or otherwise) with our kids?
  • Do I force my kids to say family prayers and go to church?
  • Does the Church force me to attend Mass?
  • Do my girls exercise because I make them?
  • Do I ever follow my girls’ good example?
  • Can we strew verbally?
  • Do sibling relationships change over time?
  • Does position in the family affect relationships?
Show Notes

The Real Jane Austen 

Victorian Farm

Edwardian Farm

Wartime Farm

Tudor Monastery Farm

Periodic Videos

Podcast 34: Encouraging Kids to Write (and the Youngest Child in the Family)

Other typical unschooling day posts

Podcast Music: 60’s Quiz Show by Podington Bear(CC BY-NC 3.0)

Images: I took these photos last week when my son Callum and his wife Casey came home for a visit. We went to the lake for a picnic.

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Please feel welcome to stop by to comment or say hello. Perhaps you could share what you enjoy most about your typical unschooling day!

Thank you for listening to my podcast!

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  1. Sue,
    thank you so much for this wonderful and inspiring episode! My kids joined me, while I was listening, and who knows maybe you are their first English teacher. 😉

    I especially liked what you said about sharing our faith with our children because that's exactly how I feel. Living out what we want them to learn is so much better than indoctrination!

    Your unschooling days sound wonderful: So peaceful and inspiring!

    1. Reply


      I'm glad you enjoyed this episode (and your children too!) I remember how you asked me about sharing the faith with our kids. I might record a podcast entirely on the topic of Catholic/Christian unschooling. What do you think?

      Thank you so much for listening. I appreciate your feedback very much!

    2. That'd be awesome! Yes, yes, yes!

    • Lex
    • July 19, 2016

    Hi Sue, have just been catching up on the podcast episodes and I really liked hearing about your typical day. We also love being able to just organise our schedule our way. We recently moved back to England (from Singapore) and even though it's summer here the sunny weather has been intermittent. BUT being unschoolers means that whenever we DO have a lovely day we can just grab our stuff and head to the park for a picnic and play. It's a wonderful life 🙂

    1. Reply


      Not only can we organise our days to suit ourselves, we can also move house without having to think about such things as schools. We can go where we like!

      I imagine it was a wonderful learning experience living in Singapore. And a big change coming home to England. I hope you get some sunny days to enjoy over your summer.

      Our weather is cool and wet at the moment. It's perfect weather for staying inside and reading and writing, so that's what we're doing. You are so right about unschooling being a wonderful life!

      Thank you for listening to my podcast and stopping by to chat. It was great to hear from you!

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