Becoming a Vlogger? Can I Do This?

I made a video. I was in it… talking. Let me explain…

The other day I got together with a number of other
unschooling friends on Facebook to arrange a big birthday event for a
wonderful person called Leonie. Leonie is a very special friend who is a real
blessing in our lives. She inspires and encourages everyone who crosses her path.

“Let’s all post videos of ourselves on Leonie’s timeline,”
someone suggested. “It’ll be a very personal way of wishing her a happy
I thought about this for a while and decided I wouldn’t make
a video. I’d just type my message. The thought of recording myself saying
something, and then letting everyone see it, was far too scary. But as the videos were being posted by other braver friends, I changed my mind. So many wonderful women had
put aside their own fears in order to do something very memorable for another
So I sat down in front of my webcam and started talking: “Hi
Leonie…” Well, that was as far as I got for a number of takes. Every time I
looked at the computer, I forgot what I intended to say. Oh it was difficult
and stressful. I felt so uncomfortable. But you know what? I am so glad I persevered and did
it. We had such great fun sharing each other’s videos. Friends
from all around the world finally got to see and hear each other in action for the
first time ever. It was a wonderful experience.
Afterwards I thought about everything. What if someone else
came along and said, “Sue, can you make another birthday video?”? Would I groan
and shake again and suffer through another recording? Probably. But what if I
did some practice? What if I learnt how to do this properly? Then next time I
might be able to say, “Another video? Hey, that’s no problem! I’d love to do
I planned to sit down again in front of the computer and have another go…
and then another… until I got things right. But this morning, I saw something
helpful in my Facebook feed: Anthony English, freelance IT consultant and technical writer, had posted details of an online
course called Rid Yourself of Fear of the
. Just what I needed! I signed up and, because I was
one of the first enrolled students, I can do the course free. Perfect! Thank
you, Anthony!
This afternoon I had another idea. What if I made a ‘before course’
video? I could then do the course, learn all kinds of helpful things to improve
my presentation, before making a ‘post-course’
video. So that’s what I’ve done: I’ve made a video of myself.
I know there are lots of things wrong with my video. I said
um far too many times. My chin was pointed too high in the air. (I was definitely holding
my head at the wrong angle to the camera.)The lighting was dim. Perhaps I
should have taken the time to apply a little make-up…. I did run the brush
through my hair but I didn’t think about my clothes. I couldn’t hide the
wrinkles (on my face, not my shirt). Yes, this video is me in a natural state!
So what will people think of me? Maybe I shouldn’t bare my
face and voice to the world. I could stay hidden behind my carefully chosen profile picture and
my words. Or I could have some fun and not worry. Does it really matter if
anyone thinks I sound strange or am not quite as attractive or as young as I
often wish I was? No, it doesn’t matter at all. I think I can live with people
watching my inexpert attempts to be a vlogger. I don’t mind if, from this moment onwards, you always imagine me with my nose pointed to the ceiling, talking in a strange accent. Anyway maybe I’ll look a bit better in my next video (after learning a few tips).
Have you ever had a dream to become a vlogger? Perhaps you’d
like to join me on the course. Here’s the details if you’re interested:
Rid Yourself of Fear of the Camera presented by Anthony
Btw, Anthony doesn’t know I am doing this post. It’s not a
condition of receiving free lessons (though I did say I’d be happy to review
the course once I have completed it.)
So it’s now time to present myself on video…
Becoming a Vlogger: My ‘Before’ Video!
(Please don’t chuckle too loudly at my attempt!)

If you’re interested… You can also find me on my Sue Elvis Writes Facebook page. It’s a public page so even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can still read the posts and comments. I often post links to resources and other interesting stuff. I’d love to see you there!

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    • San
    • March 31, 2014

    Well done Sue you are a trooper! I have nothing but admiration for you as I certainly would not have the courage to speak in front of a camera! I am way to critical of the sound of my voice for a start!!

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on.


    1. Reply


      Thank you! I'm not sure I like the sound of my voice. Funny how we sound so different inside our own heads, if you know what I mean. I appreciate you stopping by. I was a bit nervous posting this video so your encouraging comment is greatly appreciated.

  1. Reply

    Sue, you are so cute! Love the accent; love the smiles that seemed to "break-out" on their own. Love your courage and confidence. I think your "before" video was really quite good. I look forward to seeing your professional version. Either way, you come across as likeable, smart and confident. But then, I already knew that 😉 xoxo

    1. Reply


      Funny how I felt like smiling when I couldn't see anyone. I must have amused myself greatly! I'm glad to hear my video wasn't quite as awful as I thought it was. There is hope for me. I was expecting everyone to say I'm foolish, hopeless and old, but you left me some very kind words instead! You are a very kind friend indeed. Thank you!

  2. How lovely to see and hear you in person, Sue. I was already having a lovely day and you are the icing on the cake! Enjoy the course – I shall look forward to hearing how it goes. Oh and I am also looking forward to following your blogging month. You are an inspiration!

    1. Reply


      Oh you have made my day! I am so glad I was brave enough to post the video. It's a pity I couldn't see you on the other side of the camera. To do that I'd need to conquer my fear of Skype… could I do that? Maybe! I appreciate your support for the blogging challenge. Post number 1 is just about ready to be published. Then I'll only have 25 posts to go! Thank you for your kind comment.

  3. Reply

    It was so nice to actually see you and hear your voice after admiring your blog for so long. I think you did an excellent job, and you were very articulate.

    1. Reply


      Thank you for taking the time to watch my video and for your kind words. It's rather a miracle I came over as articulate. You should have seen me trying to record the birthday greeting video. My tongue kept getting tied in knots!

  4. Reply

    SOOOooo enjoyable!! You are articulate, lovely, and very very brave :)! Thanks so much for such a nice visit…. I look forward to seeing more of these!

    1. Reply


      Your comment made me smile… a huge smile. Thank you! More videos? I wonder what I could say next time. I think half the work involved in making a video is deciding on the right subject to talk about. If it's the right topic words tend to flow more easily. I shall have to think about this some more… I was wondering how I'd feel if no one stopped by. What if no one could think of anything (positive) to say? I needn't have worried. I have some wonderful friends who are very encouraging. Thank you!

  5. Reply

    How delightful to see you and hear your voice! I couldn't help smiling along with you, I'd love to see more videos! I realized that when I read your blog, the voice in my head doesn't match the accent. Ah, well, maybe with more videos.. But the smile definitely matches! 🙂

    1. Reply


      It's always strange hearing someone's voice for the first time, after only ever having read their words. I suppose, in my head, I give everyone an accent like mine. Just imagine if everyone spoke like me! That would be terrible. Anyway, thank you so much for watching my video. I just posted a second one. I think this one is better. I did a bit of smiling so you'll recognise me!

  6. Reply

    You are SUPER cute! I just want to hug you… Congrats! For a "before" video, you did GREAT. I mean…even if it was an "after" video it's still great. You inspire me.

    We are our worst critics. Thanks for your honesty <3

    1. Reply


      I just want to hug you back! What a wonderful comment. I have had a big grin on my face for hours after reading it! You are so encouraging. There is a danger I might not keep quiet now I've found my voice!

      It's scary being honest but it's also hard work keeping up a pretence of a perfect image. Anyway, I think real friendships are built on honesty. I guess some people won't like the 'real me' but I guess I can put up with that. Anyway, with comments like yours, what is there to worry about? Thank you!

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