Becoming a Vlogger: So What Am I Going to Talk About?

It was quite scary publishing my last (and first!) video Becoming a Vlogger? Can I Do This? What
would people think of me? Would all my readers disappear, disappointed I am not
quite like they imagined? Perhaps I’d receive no comments because no one would
want to be unkind and tell me my video is actually quite awful.
Well, I needn’t have worried. I have some wonderful friends.
Despite my video being far from perfect, they left some comments
here and on FB. Their words were so encouraging I actually made a second video.
Now I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Perhaps one video was enough!
I’m not going to tell you much about this video. My writing
time is very short at the moment due to the A – Z blogging challenge. (I’m
writing a post a day on my Sue Elvis Writes blog.) I just hope someone is
willing to click onto the video and watch it, and then give me some feedback. I
have a specific question I’d like help with. Do you have time to view my video?
I will be very grateful if you do.
So onto my second video….

So What Am I Going to Talk About?

If you’re interested… You can also find me on my Sue Elvis Writes Facebook page. It’s a public page so even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can still read the posts and comments. I often post links to resources and other interesting stuff. I’d love to see you there!

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    • San
    • April 2, 2014

    Great second try! As you relaxed into the recording any nervousness dissipated. Not sure I have any thoughts regarding future videos although one on unschooling and not panicking as a mother about getting it right, would be useful ! Home schooling has been difficult for us as I was forced into the situation because if my son's medical needs and not as an outright life choice, if that makes sense!

    Blessings to you

    San x

    1. Reply


      The beginning was the most difficult as you picked up on! Yes, once the words started flowing it was easier. I actually forgot I was speaking to a camera!

      Thank you for your topic suggestion. I shall think more about that and see what I can come up with.

      I am sorry to hear your son has medical needs which don't allow you to arrange schooling as you might have hoped. Sometimes decisions are made for us but I do believe that everything happens for the best in the long run. For some reason homeschooling is where you need to be. Now I am wondering if I am making any sense!

      I have visited your blog a few times. I must pop over again and get to know you better. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I do appreciate your comments very much!

    2. Reply


      I didn't mean to make little of your homeschooling situation. It's very difficult when things seem beyond our control. I failed to show empathy, but rather tried to cheer you up by trying to be positive. I don't know why I did that. Very thoughtless of me. I am so sorry!

      • San
      • April 3, 2014

      Your initial comment was not insensitive and yes I have come to the conclusion that this is where God wants us to be! It comes down to trusting Him and that is something I struggle with daily! It isn't that I doubt His live for me it is the age old issue if me wanting my own way :-). I am definitely a work in progress!!

      Hugs to you

      San xx

    3. Reply

      Oh thank you, San! You are wonderful.

      I am a very stubborn person. I often don't listen and I've always wanted my own way too. I guess we're all works in progress. That's okay. We can encourage each other along!

  1. Reply

    Sue, the lipstick looks great!
    At the risk of looking like a silly American, I loved listening to your soothing voice and your lovely accent.
    Things I'd like to hear your perspective on:
    – reasons why unschooling might be a good choice for someone's family (why it was a good choice for yours)
    – real things that people have done to help you in your grief
    – ways of living the Catholic faith that are uniquely Australian
    That's all I've got off the top of my head! Well done!

    1. Reply


      You watched my video! Thank you so much!

      Yes, I think the lipstick made all the difference! And the pile of books I used to raise the camera. I don't look like I have my nose pointing to the ceiling like I did in the last video. It's been so good sharing your blogging tips. Thank you.

      I love your questions. I shall have to jot these ideas down and think some more about them. My mind is buzzing with possibilities. Now I have started talking, it might be hard to get me to stop!

      Thank you for your encouraging comment, Bonnie!

  2. Reply

    I laughed about the one place with out books or pictures putting you on the bedroom floor – my house is much like that, too! I also had to smile about the fellow not wearing lipstick! I really liked this video, too, it feels like you've just dropped in for tea.

    I'd love to hear about your life and all the different places you've lived.
    I like reading about your family and your unschooling, so I'm sure they would make good videos.
    I'd like to just hear about whatever you happen to be interested in that day. Would that make it "unvlogging?"

    1. Reply


      I am glad you laughed at what I said and not at my attempt to be a vlogger! You are so kind. Wouldn't it be nice if I could pop in for tea in real life? We'd chat and chat…

      Unvlogging? Oooh! I love that word very much. I am going to adopt it as my own. Thank you so much. You really are very clever and creative! Maybe unvlogging could be relaxed and chatty type vlogging rather than very planned and professional type vblogging. I don't know if that would work or not. For this video, had an idea about what I wanted to say. I actually wrote 4 key points on a piece of paper before I started the camera rolling. But I forgot to refer to my points. I just talked off the top of my head. (Anyway, I couldn't see the words very well without wearing my reading glasses!) Maybe the video would have been more concise and professional looking if I'd spoken carefully, point-by point. I suppose it's all about experimenting and having fun.

      Thank you Wendy for watching my video. I really have enjoyed chatting about it with you.

    • Amy
    • April 2, 2014

    Sue, I watched the whole thing, Video # 2! I, for one, am super-impressed that you did such a long video! Of just yourself! Indeed, I can hardly imagine talking and looking at a camera for that long. It seems really difficult to me. Ideas that are in the previous comments sound good to me, too. I can imagine listening to you talk while doing something else…I seldom watch talks or movies on my computer; although I know many people like to, I prefer to read.
    You have a very nice speaking voice…not shrill, no buzzing/whistle sounds (when you say an S, for example)…
    Good luck with your next video.

    1. Reply


      It was lovely of you to watch the whole of my video, especially as you're not really a video person. I must admit I find it difficult to watch videos sometimes. If I haven't got my headphones handy, I am reluctant to watch because there are always other people around when I'm using the computer. I do wonder how many people click onto a video. In my experience more people read posts than watch videos.

      Talking for so long… I was amazed at how much time went by as I was chatting! It didn't feel like over 6 minutes. I wondered if it was too long and boring. I thought about doing some editing but these are only practice videos so I didn't bother.

      Thank you for your kind comment about my voice. I am a bit self-conscious about it. It sounds strange to me! But we can't change the way we speak (without a lot of work) so I had better just accept it!

    • Hwee
    • April 3, 2014

    I like your speaking voice, Sue. Videoing is a very effective way to communicate, so it's really good that you're venturing into this new direction. It's certainly more personable and intimate than written words. 🙂

    1. Reply


      Thank you for your encouragement. Talking is a lot different to writing. When I write I have time to fine tune all my words until I'm satisfied. When I was speaking, my words certainly weren't perfect! But yes, the video is more personal and intimate. Everyone sees me as I am and not the edited version! I shall persevere and think about my next video! Thank you so much for your comment. I always enjoy reading them!

  3. Reply

    Great job! I have two questions for you:
    – Regarding gaming and computer time- I have not been limiting it for them besides when housework needs to be done or they need to do something else. (Which isn't much) I keep reading blog after blog after blog which all say that regulation isn't necessary because after a while, they will regulate it themselves. I am at a point, however, where I can safely say that my children have dropped all their other interest in lieu of these games; this has been going on for quite some time now. My daughter used to love photography and art, so I got her a DSLR camera, art supplies, and canvasses- all of which go untouched. My son used to love the outdoors and learning about all the little critters he would find. Two days ago, I had to practically drag him to the creek with us. It's especially concerning because I don't think our school district will consider nothing but WOW as adequate yearly progress. Do you have any suggestions or thoughts?

    – My second question- how do you motivate your children? I know you recently wrote about this, but my older kids, again (possibly because of the computer) don't want to do anything. I try being a good example. I take an online German class, I read all the time, I write my blog posts everyday, I do art projects with the younger kids (I invite the older ones, but they don't do it), and I've offered to do an activity everyday with anyone who would like to. Nothing helps. It's so frustrating because my kids used to be such voracious learners, and now it's like all the inspiration is gone. Any ideas?

    Were those specific enough? 😉

    1. Reply


      Thank you for your kind words and also for your questions.

      You sound frustrated with the computer situation. Yes, self-regulation does work for many families but it seems that's not the case for your children, at least at the moment. Would you be happier if you stepped in and changed the situation? There aren't any 'unschooling rules' we MUST follow. If something isn't working for you, you can do things your own way. We have to be at peace with what we are doing with our children. Could you try limiting computer access, even removing it completely for a time? Then maybe your kids will start looking around for other things to do. Once they see all the possibilities and get involved in other activities, you could reintroduce the computer. I don't know if this will work but you could give it a try. Sometimes we just have to go with our heart and ignore what others are doing and saying. We know our own kids best.

      You said your kids used to be voracious learners. Did you make any other changes in your homeschooling apart from allowing free access to the computer?

      Perhaps you could concentrate on just spending some individual time with each child. Do nothing but enjoy each other's company and talk together. I often take one of my children out for a special morning tea. We talk about life in general and usually I find out about their dreams, what's important to them, what problems they're facing, what they enjoy doing… It all helps with our relationship, I can make suggestions, and they are more inclined to listen.

      Could your children be picking up on your frustrated feelings? Acceptance, and trust are so important when unschooling. I have found my kids don't respond very well when I get impatient with them and what they are doing. I don't know if this is relevant to your situation. We were talking about fulfilling homeschooling requirements the other day. Could this be affecting your feelings too? I could say just relax and enjoy your children and learning will happen. But when we are worried about the authorities this can sometimes be difficult to do. Just a few ideas. I'll think about it some more!

      Always good to mull over ideas with you, Shelly!

  4. Reply

    I love reading your blog and peeking into your world:) Thank you for sharing it!
    I awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award:) You can find it here:


    1. Reply


      I am excited! Your comment made my day very special. Thank you so much for the award. I hope you can imagine the huge smile on my face as I write this. I will be over to visit your blog very soon. Thank you!

  5. Reply

    Sue, this was like a wonderful visit with you. Correction: this WAS a wonderful visit with you! I enjoyed it so much. I think you have an excellent speaking voice, and a really good way of addressing your "audience." I know we all feel as if we just popped in for tea. Whatever you ever decide to talk about, you already have my attention!

    1. Reply


      Isn't video wonderful? Seeing and hearing people is so intimate. It can also be scary! Getting out from behind my words and getting in front of the camera was a bit nerve wracking. I think I could get used to it though! I am glad you enjoyed popping in for tea. I did say I have a few friends who are very kind and supportive. See? I knew what I was talking about! Thank you so much for your encouragement!

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