Welcome to my blog!

I’m Sue Elvis.

I’m an Australian blogger, author, podcaster and Youtuber. I live with my family in a village south of Sydney in the state of New South Wales.  Our home is surrounded by the beautiful Australian bush. I think it’s the best place in the world! 

I’m married to Andy who is a primary school teacher. We have 8 children: Felicity, Duncan, Callum, Imogen, Charlotte, Thomas, Sophie and Gemma-Rose. Our children range in age from 29 to 12.

Thomas died as a baby seventeen years ago. Despite no longer being with us, Thomas is still part of the family so he occasionally makes an appearance on my blog. Sophie (15) and Gemma-Rose (12) are registered homeschoolers, and the rest of our children are young adults. 

Of course, I write about my youngest girls who are in the thick of unschooling. But I also often write about Imogen (22) who is a musician and writer and Charlotte (19) who is studying a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Design. Both daughters are still living at home and are part of The Team! 

If you’d like to know more about my family you could read my family posts. These stories show how much my children have changed over the years. (I created this blog in 2011.) Their interests and dreams have changed too.

I’ve written a few posts about me, but here are a few quick facts:

  • I’ve written two children’s novels, The Angels of Abbey Creek and The Angels of Gum Tree Road.
  •  I love running along our local bush tracks with my daughters and Nora our dog.
  • I enjoy taking photos with my daughter Sophie.
  • My inside is much younger than my outside.
  • I suspect I’m a bit vain.
  • I don’t like parties.
  • I do like drinking coffee with Andy, my best friend.
  • I love writing. I also hate writing.

Our unschooling journey hasn’t been perfect. You’ll realise this if you read my homeschooling story posts. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way. Even now, I’m still learning.

Why do I write this blog?

I want to tell you about the love and joy we have discovered while living the unschooling way of life. Good things should be shared!

You might already unschool or maybe you’re just investigating. Either way, I hope you will find something of interest here on my blog.

How can I help you?


Do you want to find out what unschooling is all about?

Unschooling can be hard to define in a few words. Interest-led learning? Child-led learning? Life learning? Natural learning? None of these terms tells the complete story. Maybe unschooling is something that needs to be lived to fully understand. And even then, there is still so much more to learn about it. We’ve been unschooling a long time and I’m still surprised by what I’m discovering. (This can be exciting!) But we have to start somewhere, so here are a few of my thoughts:

What is Unschooling?

What I Think Unschooling is All About

Tired and Dfficult Days (a podcast in which I talk about the definition of unschooling)

Other posts on this topic

My unschooling basics videos

Are you thinking about unschooling, but you’re not quite sure it’s for you?

I hope my stories will encourage you to say, “I want to unschool too! We can do it!” I hope my passion is reflected in my blog, and it inspires you to give unschooling a go.

If You’re Thinking about Unschooling

What’s Stopping You from Unschooling

Obstacles to Unschooling

Thinking Critically about Unschooling

My misconceptions about unschooling posts

My starting unschooling posts

My unschooling basics videos

My unschooling basics posts

Would you like to ponder unschooling ideas without feeling pressured to do things a certain way?

You can do that here. All families are different. But we can still share and learn from each other even if we’re not all the same.

Are You a Proper Unschooler?

Some Thoughts on Unschooling and Experts

Unschooling Experts, Criticism, and Radical Chore Rosters

The Not So Proper Unschoolers

Some Thoughts about Proper and Not So Proper Unschoolers

Perhaps you’d like to read about unschooling from the baby stage to the young adult stage?

I’ve written posts about babies and toddlers, and married adult children, and every age in between. Attachment parenting? Learning to read? Graduating from university? Yes, I’ve written about those topics too.

My babies and toddler post

My primary school posts

My high school posts

My young adults posts

Would you like to know if unschoolers can get into university?

If they want to, they can. Five of my children have studied, or are studying, at a tertiary level.

My unschooling and university posts

Maybe you’d like to hear about difficult unschooling days as well as the good ones?

No one leads a perfect life, especially not us. That’s why I share my mistakes as well as the good stuff. But I try to add a touch of hope to my mistake stories. There has to be a reason for sharing them because I don’t want my blog to be depressing.

My tired day posts

My difficult day posts

My mistakes posts

Perhaps you want to hear stories about real unschooling children?

 I write about my children all the time. I’m very fortunate that they don’t mind me sharing their stories. I give specific examples to illustrate what unschooling can look like. And practically all my posts are evergreen so there are many to read.

My unschooling interview videos

Do you enjoy videos and podcasts as well as blog posts?

 I have Youtube and podcast channels as well as my blog. Sometimes I present these by myself. Sometimes I make videos and podcasts with my children, so you can share their thoughts and see unschooling from a child’s perspective.

Videos: My Youtube channel


on iTunes 
here on this blog.

Perhaps you’re interested in parenting stories?

Somewhere along the way, unschooling flowed over into our parenting. It now affects everything we do. We discovered a life of joy and love. Would you like to hear about that? (Some people might describe unschool parenting as radical unschooling, or gentle or peaceful parenting. I think it could be also be described as attachment parenting.)

My parenting posts

My posts about love

My Mental Illness series

Are you looking for some ideas on how to encourage kids to help with the chores?

 Getting Kids to Help with the Chores

My other chore posts

Are you looking for resources for strewing?

I love sharing the resources I find. I’m always looking for things that might be of interest to my girls, and I post about them here, speak about them in my podcasts, and then put them on my Pinterest boards too.

My Pinterest boards

I have just put together My BIG page of unschooling resources where you’ll find books, blogs and websites, podcasts, and other links which I hope you’ll find useful.

Are you looking for information about homeschool record keeping?

Can we unschool and legally fulfil homeschool registration requirements at the same time? This is a question I have written a lot about. I’m always talking and writing and making videos about how we can use Evernote to record unschooling in an impressive way. I also share my registration experiences.

A Perfect Method for Keeping Unschooling Records

My Evernote videos

My Evernote posts

My homeschool registration and records posts

Perhaps you’d like to connect with another Christian unschooling family?

I write my blog for everyone, both Christian and secular unschoolers. We can all share a lot even if we have different religious beliefs. Occasionally, however, I will write a post that explores unschooling from a Christian point-of-view. Even though I don’t always write it, God is the centre of our lives.

Do you like to chat?

Do you have any questions? This is a friendly place. I’m quite happy to talk. You can leave a comment.

You’re not unschoolers?

That’s okay. Not all my readers call themselves unschoolers. But unschooling is about learning from life, and we all do that, so I hope you will find something of interest on my blog.

Would you like to help spread the word about unschooling?

If you find my posts helpful, I hope you’ll consider hitting the social media share buttons. And if you feel able to write an iTunes reviews for my podcasts that would be wonderful! 

And if you’d like to help me and my family…

You could watch my daughter Imogen’s music videos on her Youtube channel. If you like them, would you please subscribe to her channel or like her Facebook page, and share her links on social media? Imogen is working very hard as she follows her dream of becoming a successful online musician, but she needs some help with promotion. Your help would be very much appreciated!

Would you like to know how to keep up with my blog and everything else I do?

You could subscribe to:

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and my unschooling newsletter.

If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know!



    • Asma
    • March 2, 2017


    I’m trying to find an unschooling community who could fill a questionnaire for me, if you could also do this then that would be great. I’m in my final year and I’m doing my dissertation on Unschooling, my aim is to see if Unschooling is trending and what parents think about this.
    Here is the Link:

    Thank you

    • Annie
    • January 31, 2018

    So glad to find you! I’very been homeschooling for 7 years, and when we take the week off “school” and have fun together, I’m the most fulfilled. I want to be an unschooler but I want to do it right haha. Anyway, just prayed for the Lord’s guidance and found your very full blog. I haven’t read one post, just saw the words “Christian unschooling” and had to say thank you for putting your story online. Bless you before I even dive in. ♡♡

      • sueelvis
      • February 1, 2018


      I’m pleased to meet you! I hope you find something useful in my posts. Please feel welcome to ask any questions. I shall try to answer them. I’m always happy to chat. Thank you for stopping by. May God bless you too!

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