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The breeze is sweeping the clouds from the sky. The temperature is rising. It’s a perfect day for an almost-summer Sunday adventure.

I should be heading outside but instead, I’m sitting in our family room with my computer on my lap, trying to write the next post in my unschooling book series. Right at this very moment, I wish I could upload a photo to Facebook or Instagram, add a few words, and hit ‘post’. How easy would that be? And quick. I’d soon be slipping my feet into my shoes, grabbing my camera and car keys, and heading off somewhere interesting to take a few photos, buy coffee, and go for a walk. But, of course, I can’t do that. I’m no longer on social media.

As you know, I have no regrets about leaving Facebook. I’ve left Instagram too. My life has become a lot less complicated since I deleted my accounts. I once again have space and time to think and write.

Not so long ago, I thought I’d had enough of writing. Actually, I thought I’d lost my ability to write. I’d start a blog post but before too long, I’d give up. Even though I knew what I wanted to say, the right words refused to appear. So I ended up hitting either ‘delete’ or ‘draft’ before closing my computer. (My drafts file and trash bin are looking very fat.)

But, after a lean season, I’m once again writing. You might have noticed. This is the 26th post I’ve written in 26 days. Yes, I’ve been flooding my readers’ feeds with a daily dose of my unschooling thoughts and ideas. You might be surprised by my sudden increase in productivity. You might also feel overwhelmed by the number of posts that keep appearing, each one begging to be read. Maybe you’ll be relieved to hear that I only have to write five more posts, including this one, to fulfil my unschooling book blogging challenge. Soon I can stop blogging completely. But will I?

Some time ago, I was pondering this thought: Has blogging changed? Do readers no longer want to visit blogs to read posts? Perhaps they prefer to connect on Facebook? I decided to concentrate more on social media and less on my blog. Instead of writing long blog posts, I composed quick captions and attached them to photos which I uploaded to Instagram and shared to Facebook. I also posted links to resources, wrote micro-stories, and made inspiring graphics. My kind followers bestowed ‘likes’ on my posts and sometimes added comments. I ‘liked’ back and wrote a few words of my own. We chatted. Nice and easy.

And then I left Facebook and Instagram and since then, I’m wondering if I made a mistake. Is social media really the best way to share the unschooling message (or anything we’re passionate about)? Perhaps blogging isn’t dead after all.

Many people might like bite-sized bits of unschooling that can be consumed quickly. A pinch of inspiration. A single idea. A word of support. An eye-catching photo that tells an unschooling story. All these sprinkled into the daily feed provide encouragement. But is this enough for everyone? Are there some people out there who are interested in reading longer posts? Perhaps they want to dig deeper than social media allows.

I want to dig deeper. Writing a perfect unschooling caption is all very well, but it isn’t very satisfying. I can’t explore new thoughts and ideas in so few words. I need to write more. (I don’t know if I’ll always want to explore unschooling, but I do need to explore something.)

Did you hear that? I want to write. Recently, I’ve been enjoying tapping on my computer keys, seeing the words appear, and then moving them around until they make some kind of sense. Because I’ve been a prolific writer, I’ve been more active than 99% of Grammarly users. (This good news arrives in my email inbox every week.) I have written hundreds of thousands of words. I hope I have accumulated a huge stack of good ones for my unschooling book.

My unschooling book? Perhaps I should get back to work now that I’ve shared some random thoughts about blogging and social media because so far, I haven’t written anything I can include in my book. But no, I don’t think I will write anything more today. I’m going to head outside to enjoy this beautiful day. You see, writing isn’t all about writing. Sometimes we need to think about other things in order to create something worthwhile. Do you know what I mean? So I’m going to let all my unschooling thoughts and ideas percolate away at the back of my mind while I go do something else.

A drive. And lunch with a daughter. Some photos and maybe an ice-cream…

Image: This is a screenshot of the unschooling graphics on my deactivated stories of an unschooling family Instagram account.

Are you a blogger?  A blog reader? Maybe you follow blogs on social media? If you prefer books, did I mention I’m writing one about unschooling?!

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    • Alison
    • November 26, 2017

    I’m not a blogger but I like to read other people’s blogs. I have a Facebook account but still have no idea how to use instagram or twitter and I want to keep it that way. I like to read blog posts and get more information, connect with other people’s thoughts and ideas. It’s more satisfying and I want to live and enjoy an authentic life, not a “only beautiful and perfect-looking” life as I think social media so easily portrays.

    I’m glad you got to go outside today, Sue. 🙂

    1. Reply


      Yes, blogs are a great way to share ideas and thoughts. Have you ever thought about becoming a blogger yourself?

      After I’d finished my post, I had lunch with Charlotte. She drove me to a nearby village and we joined the tourists and had lunch in a posh cafe. I’m glad I went out too!

    • TL
    • November 28, 2017

    I am a person that digs deeper. Perhaps that’s why I have never been attracted to Facebook or Instagram. I think if you have a worthwhile message, then it will be spread no matter what, by word of mouth and other means. To me it is also more important that a few benefit on a deeper level than a lot on a superficial level. But that’s just my personality, I guess. I also like to write and have a blog but it is more of a diary – not open to anyone but me. That’s where I try to keep my thoughts straight:) At least some of them. Good luck on your project!

    1. Reply


      It was your earlier comment about digging deeper that led to this post. I was thinking about your words and then I found myself writing about social media and blogs etc.

      I understand about writing to keep your thoughts straight. I often start writing and then end up somewhere totally unexpected as I explore my thoughts. It’s a wonderful way to work things out!

    • Nancy
    • November 29, 2017

    Sue, Your blog is the only one I subscribe to. It is well worth it!!!

    1. Reply


      I feel so honoured that you subscribe only to my blog. Thank you so much for your kind words and for your friendship!

    • Alison
    • November 29, 2017

    I did have a blog while we lived in Indonesia for 6 years but it was on Mac iWeb which is no longer being updated. Apart from using Evernote (thanks to your really helpful blogposts and videos 🙂 ) I keep a Learning Journal – basically dated and captioned photos as a Pages document which people can look through to see all our learning! – for my girls but I haven’t thought about starting another blog. We are looking at our 4th house move in 4 years at the moment, but I may start a blog after we settle down in our new place.

    1. Reply


      4 house moves in 4 years? That sounds like a huge amount of work. We used to move regularly and I always dreaded packing up, moving, and then settling in again. Maybe you’ve learnt the art of living with few possessions making the job easier. We always had far too many things. We still do despite my contnual efforts to simplify and declutter.

      If you ever start a blog please let me know!

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