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In less than five weeks’ time, my son Callum will be marrying Casey. They announced their engagement months ago and it seemed like we had all the time in the world to prepare for the wedding. Then last week we panicked: What are my girls and I going to wear on the big day, and what gift are we going to give the newly married couple?

In this week’s podcast, I begin by telling you a little about our wedding preparations. What has this got to do with unschooling? I guess it shows that unschoolers, although weird and very different , do find people to marry!

Here’s a quick summary of the topics in this week’s episode…

I talk about:

  • our preparations for my son Callum’s wedding
  • my new favourite website that I will still love when I’m a yummy granny!
  • the perfect wedding present I’ve chosen
  • how my family helped me produce a new edition of my children’s novel
  • how unschooling children love to share ideas, talents and their help
  • the new blog page I’ve created for unschooling author Suzie Andres
  • some great free resources that can be found online
  • how wonderful it is watching children involved with their passions
  • my daughter Charlotte’s university experience: how did she get on writing her very first essay?

the podcast notes

New edition of my children’s novel, The Angels of Abbey Creek: coming very soon!
Suzie Andres’ books:
and her newly published novel, The Paradise Project
Suzie’s page here on my blog: Suzie Andres

Anne’s blog, Under Her Starry Mantle
Anne’s beading site: All Beautiful Catholic Beads
My new favourite website: Birdsnest

Lots of Passion!

Great free resources

Blog posts

Sophie’s blog
The Techno Maid


If you listen… thank you!

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  1. Reply

    Another wedding, how exciting for your family. Will Felicity be able to make it home?
    The frustrating part about listening to your podcasts is that there is so much content, as I'm listening I'm thinking about what I want to comment on, then I get interested in the next topic and forget! (That is entirely the fault of my brain, not your presentation! Maybe I should start taking notes!)
    One thing I will say is that Gemma can't wait for your book release, I'm sure you'll be sharing here when it's ready?

    1. Reply


      Felicity and her husband Graham are coming home for the wedding. It's been 4 years since their last visit so we're all very excited at the thought of seeing them!

      Oh, I am so glad you're finding the content of my podcasts interesting. Sometimes I worry I haven't got much to say. You have made my day with your comment, especially as I debated whether to post this episode or not.

      I will indeed be sharing news of my book here. I'm so delighted Gemma is interested. Thank you so much for letting me know. And thank you for listening!

  2. Reply

    So excited for more news of the upcoming nuptials!! I had forgotten that Callum got engaged! Looking forward to the what-we'll-wear-posts as well as the pictures of the big day, the ceremony, the reception!

    Wow, The Angels part 2! yay! Can't wait!!

    Great post, Sue!

    1. Reply


      Yes, the wedding is almost here! No doubt I will post lots of wedding stories and lots of photos of clothes and the ceremony and everything else. I shall have to remember to take a fully charged camera battery with me to the wedding. When Felicity got married, my camera died before we got to the reception and that was the end of me taking photos!

      The Angels Part 2? Oh my! Your words make me feel excited. I can't wait until the illustrations have been drawn and I can move onto the publishing stage.

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. Reply

    How exciting!! What a precious couple. Many years to them.

    1. Reply

      Thank you so much, Emmie! It's wonderful to exchange a few words with you. It's been a long time since we last did that. I keep up with your news through your posts that arrive via email. It sounds like it has been a very exciting year for you with your conversion. God bless you!

  4. Reply

    So happy for the upcoming Wedding! Congratulations for the whole family, it's sure to be a wonderful event 🙂

    1. Reply


      Only three weeks until the wedding. Yes, it will be a wonderful event! Thank you so much for your congratulations!

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