Busy Days and Catch-Up Days


Do you ever have weeks where you find yourself racing through your days trying to keep up? We’re having one of those weeks right at the moment.

Usually, we get up early each day. We work our way through our morning routine, and then we are free to enjoy all those empty hours stretching ahead of us. They’re waiting to be filled with whatever we like.

But some weeks, things happen. People ask us to do things, cats get fleas and the house must be fumigated, we have to go to appointments… Yes, things interrupt our normal weeks. We begin to yearn for some quiet time. At the first opportunity, we need to have a catch-up day.

In this week’s podcast, I talk about our busy week.

I also tell a few stories about:

  • my girls’ music video shoot
  • how I made a few Youtube interview videos
  • what we did with our cats while our house was being fumigated for fleas
  • recording and editing audio for a local radio show
  • my unique way of finding Valentine’s Day gifts for my husband

I also ponder the questions:

  • how do we prevent sibling rivalry?
  • if we seem to have all the answers, is that discouraging to others? Are seemingly ‘perfect’ families off-putting?

In my introduction to this episode, I did say I was going to speak about ‘mean kids’, but I forgot. Maybe I’ll tell you that story next week!

Show Notes

Blog Posts and Videos about Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry: An Unschooling Interview
blog post and video

More Sibling Rivalry: Another Unschooling Interview
blog post and video

Videos about the Music Video Shoot


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Podcast Music

60’s Quiz Show by Podington Bear(CC BY-NC 3.0)

The photos were taken at a local nature reserve where the girls filmed Imogen’s music video


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If you listen to my podcast… Thank you!

If you’d like to comment on this week’s episode, please do. What did you do on Valentine’s Day? Do you have any sibling rivalry suggestions? Do your cats hate travelling in the car? I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Reply

    We've had one of those weeks too. I often busy weeks are when we see lots of our children's friends. I find myself driving here and there, sometimes dropping off & picking up later or staying around for a cuppa & a chat with the parent. Fitting this all in with dog walks, chores, preparing meals etc everyday can be exhausting. This is why I try to keep our weekends low key although that's not always possible. Of course, some weeks are quieter & we have whole days at home just doing our own thing. These days are a saving grace for me. Xxx

    1. Reply


      It sounds like you live in a lovely community with friends living fairly close by. When we socialise with other families (and that's not very often!) we tend to get together on weekends rather than during the week. The opposite to you!

      Whole days at home… I love those sort of days! Maybe next week we'll have a few days where we don't have to go anywhere. Lots of time to do our own thing… That sounds wonderful!

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

    • Wendy
    • February 19, 2016

    When I click on the podcast, I am getting last week's podcast. Sounds like an interesting week though!

    1. Reply


      Thank you so much for telling me. I don't know how I made that mistake. I should check everything carefully before hitting 'publish'. All fixed. I hope you enjoy listening to this latest episode!

      • Wendy
      • February 23, 2016

      I really enjoyed your podcast! I well remember the year we had three cats and a rabbit- all with fleas!

      We had a fun Valentines day- we use it as a more general holiday to celebrate those we love, so it involves the kids and friends and extended family. One of my favorite times of the year is sitting around the table taking turns opening the valentines we all make for each other!

      Anyway, Eric bought me a present this year, a book called Pop Sonnets. It's a book of psuedo-Shakespearean sonnets based on pop songs from the last 50 years or so! It was hilarious! Not totally kid friendly because some of the songs they chose weren't kid friendly, :-# but mostly great. The author is actually quite gifted and many of the sonnets were lovely, even when based on some inane songs (like the Rick rolling song). =))

      Have a great week! I am having a crazy week this week, but I'm hoping for a few of those lovely catch up days next week!

    2. Reply


      I like the idea of exchanging hand made valentines. I can imagine all your smiles as you sat around the table opening them!

      I just Googled 'pop sonnets' and found a website full of them. I read a few and enjoyed them and will return to browse the archive. Thanks for sharing!

      I hope life slows down so you can have some relaxing catch-up days. Thank you so much for listening to my podcast!

  2. Reply

    My husband and I actually got together on Valentine's Day all those years ago, so it's a bit of a special day but now it's also a family day with a nice meal to conclude.
    Fleas are awful, our chooks have just had mites and they are excruciating to get rid of!

    1. Reply


      I'm guessing your children love celebrating Valentine's Day with you and your husband!

      There's only one pest worse than fleas (in my opinion!) and that's lice. I only have to think about them and my head feels itchy. I haven't actually ever had lice but I've spent long hours trying to get rid of them from my girls' long hair. I have no experirence with mites. I hope chook mites don't like living on people!

    2. Reply

      Unfortunately, they love living on any host they can suck blood from! They give awful, itchy bites that last much longer than a mozzie bite. The infestation appears to have abated now after a thorough clean out of the pen and spray for the chooks (I've tired all natural methods and none of them work, so have to use the spray).

    3. Reply


      I'm so glad to hear you've got on top of the mite infestation. I was also hesitant about using sprays to get rid of pests. But sometimes these things are necessary. We shouldn't have to worry about fleas for a long time now. Aren't bites awful? Something so small can make a big impact on our well being!

      • Wendy
      • February 24, 2016

      If I may ask, what is a chook?

    4. Reply


      A chook is a chicken. It's such a common word here in Australia, I forgot not everyone knows what it means. I love the sound of the word: chook, chook, chook. It sounds like the noise a chicken makes!

      • Wendy
      • February 24, 2016

      =)) What a great name! It does just sound like a chicken! Thanks!

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