This week, in episode 106 of my podcast, I’m talking about changes both in my online and offline lives.

I’m sharing:

  • Some further thoughts on kids, screen time and Internet usage
  • The future of my unschooling blog and podcast
  • A few resources
  • More about learning from life
  • Some family news including the fur coat story

Show Notes

Blog Posts

Is it Really Okay to Give Unschooling Kids Unlimited Access to Screens and the Internet

Why This is the End of the Line for Me

Why Becoming an Ex-Unschooling Blogger is a Bit Scary


Michael Mosley Resources

The Truth About Sleep

The Truth About Exercise



Eat, Fast, and Live Longer


Imogen Elvis



The Rains of Castamere music video


Podcast Music

Twombly by Podington Bear(CC BY-NC 3.0)

I apologise for the ‘different’ sound quality. I forgot to check the mic settings before I started recording and the podcast was recorded with my computer’s internal mic instead of my USB one. I think the audio is clear, but maybe I sound like I’m in my bathroom! 


You’ll find lots and lots of unschooling posts in my archive here on my blog Stories of an Unschooling Family.

You might find me on Instagram at sue_elvis

Thank you for listening to this episode. If you enjoy my podcast, please consider writing an iTunes review and sharing the link so we can spread the word about unschooling! 

Image: Hasn’t our puppy Quinn changed a lot over the past few months? Gemma-Rose won’t be able to hold her for much longer. She is getting heavy!

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    • Venisa
    • September 16, 2017

    Great podcast! I am short on time but just had to come over and say how much I enjoyed your podcast today and would love to hear new podcasts whenever you make one. They keep me motivated!!!

    1. Reply


      I appreciate your kind comment. Thank you. It’s good to know you’ll be listening if I continue to make new episodes!

    • Nicole
    • September 17, 2017

    Dear Sue,

    It’s time for me to come out of the woodwork and show myself.

    Ready? I’ve been one of your most faithful ghostreaders since 2012. (I haven’t ever been the commenting type, but maybe it’s time to change that.) I stumbled across your blog by the strangest chance and knew I’d found a happy place. While I’m not a wife, mother, or unschooler, I have found so much here in your posts and podcasts to nourish and delight. Your beautiful humanness (read, realness) and gentleness travel across continents to my little home here in the USA. I feel like I’ve received of your “trust, respect, and unconditional love” over the last five years.

    Thank you, Sue. Thank you for being you and for creating this lovely space. God’s blessings on you as you discern the future, and know that many Unknowns have been blessed by this blog and, even more, by you.

    There’s so much more I could say! I love your daughters, love Imogen’s music, and love feeling that I got to quietly be a little part of the Elvis family.


    1. Reply


      Your comment has brought me a lot of joy. Thank you for showing yourself!

      I love how you described my blog as a happy place. And I am so thrilled to discover that my unschooling stories appeal to a wider audience and not just to parents and homeschoolers. I often ponder the thought that unschooling principles have more to do with living life rather than homeschooling. Unschooling is something everyone can share and discuss.

      Nicole, your words are very kind and I do appreciate them very much. Blogging and podcasting can be lonely at times, but whenever I get to the stage where I wonder if I’m talking to myself, God always sends me a beautiful friend to encourage me. Thank you. I like the thought of you being a part of the Elvis family via my blog/podcasts!

      I have a few blogs that I read quietly. Also a few podcasts. I am going to ‘show myself’ by writing a few comments so that I can pass on the encouragement and thanks you have given to me. Some kind words can make a great difference.

      Thank you so much for stopping by. May God bless you too!

    • Linda
    • September 21, 2017

    I just listened to your latest podcast and would like to let you know that I would love to hear more of your podcasts if you feel inspired to make them. I tend to listen to your podcast in spurts, so a lack of regularity on your part wouldn’t bother me at all, if you don’t feel like podcasting weekly. I would love to receive your wisdom and inspiration however you would like to offer it! Thank you for your work. (I honestly didn’t realize all that was involved in making a podcast or creating a blog post!) Sometimes your podcasts are just the thing I need to bolster my confidence in this path or rekindle inspiration.


    1. Reply


      I make podcasts in spurts and you listen to them in spurts. That’s perfect!

      I’m so pleased you stopped by to give me this kind feedback. Thank you so much for responding to my invitation. I managed to make a new episode this week. I podcasted two weeks in a row. Oh my! I hope you enjoy listening to episode 107 when you get a free moment!

    • Luana
    • September 22, 2017

    “I would love to receive your wisdom and inspiration however you would like to offer it!”
    Me too 🙂

    I hope your time away from internet is nourishing your soul and bringing you relaxation and rest.
    Greetings from Switzerland,
    Luana (P.S. spontaneous idea – if you would like to get a postcard from Switzerland, just write me an e-mail)

    1. Reply


      You are such a faithful friend. Thank you for your kind words and your greetings. I would love to receive a postcard from Switzerland. Maybe you’d like one from Australia? I’ll email you!

      I hope you have a happy and restful weekend with your family!

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