Creating Evernote Unschooling Notebooks

Creating Unschooling Notebooks, Copying Notes and a Few Extra Ideas..

Yet more about Evernote, unschooling and record keeping!  I had some encouraging feedback about my last video, even though it wasn’t very professional, (viewers were kind!) and so I am posting a second one. It follows on from yesterday’s video, A Look Inside Our Evernote Unschooling Records Notebooks. Actually, I just cut one video into two pieces and I’ve posted them separately.

In this video, I explain how I set up a new notebook, and how I copy notes from one notebook to another. There’s also a few more ideas on what to include in a notebook. I finish off by talking about the advantages of keeping such records, regardless of whether they are required for homeschooling registration purposes or not.

I recorded this video yesterday, 28th April 2014. This day was the official start of the second term of the schooling year here in NSW, Australia. After a two week break over Easter, once again I have to keep records of all my girls’ learning experiences. To do this, I had to create a new notebook. This is what I did….

Update: I discovered that there is an option to transfer tags, as well as labels, when copying notes from one notebook to another. There’s a box that needs checking ‘preserve tags’. Watch out for it! I am discovering new things about Evernote every day!

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    Hello, I want to thank you for this and yesterday's post! I immediately started my own notebook using Evernote, and it's going really well. However, I'm using the free version, and sadly I've already used up 50% of my space. Are you using the Premium version?

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      Mrs G,

      I am so glad you found my posts useful, and you're trying Evernote. Yes, there is so much we can add to our notebooks, the space soon gets filled. One of my friends told me she survives on the free version, but I have upgraded to the premium one. I think it was something like $46 a year, but I would have to check that figure. All my girls have free accounts, and that is enough for them. There is another advantage of having a premium account besides space: You can access the notes even when offline.

      You could split a premium (or free) account between two or more users. I have two users on my premium account. It's like having two separate accounts but I can switch between them with a click of the mouse. Both users are me. The notebooks I showed everyone in my videos are in one linked account. I haven't yet decided what to do with the second one! I just needed to sign up twice with two different email addresses, and then I used the 'add another user' option. I am not very good at explaining the details. It is so much easier when I am chatting as I record a video!

      Thank you so much for watching my videos and for stopping by!

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      Thanks for the extra information. I just went ahead and got the premium today. I'll see if I can figure out the whole two user thing. 🙂

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      I hope you enjoy the benefits of the Premium version. Adding a user was easy. I think I clicked onto my user name. 'Add Another User' was one of the options that appeared. Then all I had to do was enter the email address and password of the account I wanted to link. I hope it was that easy and you don't have any problems!

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    Happy birthday! 🙂 Thanks for the lovely "visit!"

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      Thank you for your birthday greetings! It was so exciting reading your travel post. I loved all the details like the running and the hats. I will have to return and add another comment. I am so sorry for rushing. It's been a busy few weeks. The blogging challenge is over so I'm hoping life will be a little less hectic with less deadlines to meet.

      Thank you for stopping by!

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    WOW! I love this site . Thank you for sharing your journey of unschooling with us. I hope you continue your podcasts as well. It has been full of encouragement to say the least. Your Evernote videos were explained in a way that best fit our family lifestyle. Blessing to you and your family, Sophia

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      You made my day with your comment. I'm very encouraged by your feedback. Thank you!

      I spent yesterday reorganising my blog. I hope you still like my site! I chose a new template to match the one on my 'other' blog. This template allows me to easily share posts between my two blogs. I have some posts which could easily belong to either blog and sometimes it's difficult to decide where to publish them. Now I can post links on both blogs!

      I'm glad you found the Evernote videos useful. I'm still excited about Evernote. I have a few more Evernote videos I want to make. (I keep thinking of more ideas!) When I get some time I'll do this.

      Thank you so much for stopping by. May God bless you and your family!

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