Creativity: Why Classical Music Isn’t Enough

I had an idea: “Hey, Imogen, would you like to record a podcast with me? We could discuss all those wild unschooling thoughts that keep bubbling up inside of us.”

My 20-year-old daughter nodded, and asked, “What shall we talk about for our first episode?”

“How about creativity?”


So I made a list of questions we could explore. We set up our microphone. I pressed the ‘record’ button, and Imogen said, “You’re listening to the Wild Inside podcast!”

Amongst other things, we explored the following questions:

  • Why are some people more creative than others?
  • Can you be an artist and not be creative?
  • Can everything be approached creatively? What about maths?
  • Will there ever be another Mozart?
  • Why is a diet of classical music not enough?
  • Are all classic novels good?
  • How can we encourage our children to be creative?

After we’d finished recording, I saved the audio file, deciding to edit it another day. But when I returned, I couldn’t find our podcast. I couldn’t remember what I’d called it. So for several weeks, our podcast was lost somewhere on my computer. But today I found it!

So here’s our first episode of our Wild Inside podcast. We hope you’ll listen!

The Angels of Abbey Creek

You can find Imogen on her blog Gossiping with Dragons.

You can also find me on…

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iTunes.Please feel welcome to stop by!

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