My girls love to doodle. I do too!
I used to think doodles were those scribbles people draw while they are talking on the phone. They are, but they’re also a whole lot more.

Doodles are easy to draw, require little artistic skill but are so satisfying to work on. Anyone can doodle. Anyone can produce drawings that satisfy.

I also like how they encourage creativity. Doodling is a bit like writing. You set off not knowing where you will end up. The journey is enjoyable and the result can be amazing!

This doodle art webpage is a good place to start if you want some ideas. It was here I found out about a drawing book called Keys to Drawing with Imagination: Strategies and Exercises for Gaining Confidence and Enhancing Your Creativity by Bert Dodson. 

I bought a spiral bound edition from The Book Depository. Later I discovered there is a Kindle edition which would view well on a computer or tablet screen. Amazon also has the spiral bound edition and it is cheaper than the one I bought (except postage would have to be added).

We’ve collected a basket of doodle supplies: paper – ordinary and watercolour, Sharpie pens, coloured markers, graphite pencils and watercolour pencils, watercolour paints… but you can doodle using whatever is at hand.
There are a lot of how to doodle videos on Youtube. Here’s just one:

The other day we heard about an online doodling class to be presented by artist Alicia Burke. It is called Doodle Delight, and goes live on June 11th

All these doodles were drawn by Imogen. I stole them because they are much better than mine!

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    These are so bright and cheerful, Sue! Have you framed any? They would look great on the wall. They remind me of colourful jewellery. Have you done any jewellery wok, at all?

    I'd love to see your doodles, too. I wonder if they show a difference in character to Immy's?

    1. Reply

      Hi Vicky,

      That is praise indeed coming from such a talented auntie! That's what I love about doodling: Anyone can do it. I could never draw or paint like you, but I can make colourful patterns on paper which satisfies my creativity.

      We haven't framed any doodles but I thought they would make beautiful greetings cards. Imogen drew the beach ones when we went on holiday last year. She likes to base her doodles around a theme.

      We haven't made any jewellery apart from threading beads and braiding friendship bracelets. What about you?

      I will work on a few more doodles and then share them!

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    Very neat! I love the doodles and agre that they would look great framed! The video clip was so fun….we'll have to get inspired by it! Thank you for sharing!
    Pax Christi…

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      I just love watching the speeded up doodling videos on Youtube. Some of the doodles look so intricate and difficult, but when I saw them being drawn, I realised it's just a matter of starting simple and adding details.

      Do you or your children draw or doodle, Karla?

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    I used to draw ALL the time growing up…I loved to do portraits etc, and spent a year in College studying art…had some dim dreams of becoming a childrens book illustrator! Then I got married and had kids and had less and less time to draw…so my NEXT passion, which required less concentration…designing floorplans! I am not formally trained…but 3 homes that I designed have been built!( I designed our basement layout in our current home as well as the addition we put on for my mom and brother who now live with us) I love designing homes for families that work for them.

    My girls like crafting moree than drawing…but when we participated in an ATC card swap, Cheyenne was quite good!

    We haven't doodled…but it looks quite fun!
    Pax Christi,

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      That is so interesting! Maybe one day we will work together: I could write a children's book and you could illustrate it! You and my sister Vicky would have a lot to share. She is an artist too.

      If you draw any doodles, post them on your blog so I can share them.

      God bless!

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