Using Evernote to Record Unschool Maths

For anyone who’s still interested in Evernote and unschooling…

Proving a child is learning maths, for homechool registration purposes, could be rather tricky for unschoolers. We don’t have any maths workbooks or exercise books to show an Authorised Person (AP) when she comes to visit us. We don’t have any printouts or achievement certificates or other records from online maths courses either. Actually we don’t have any paperwork at all. So what did I present to our AP at our recent registration visit? I showed our AP our Evernote unschool maths notebook. 

Our notebook contains many notes, representing lots of different maths learning experiences. In case you’re interested, I made a screen cast video to show you how I recorded these experiences. While I click on the various notes, I talk about a few maths resources and give my opinion (and my girls’) about whether they are valuable as far as unschooling goes.

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