Fitting Facebook, Blogging and Podcasting into a Busy Life

I was going to write a post about how I’d decided to delete my Facebook page. This was my answer to freeing up some more time for myself. (You might have heard that I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed recently.)

I did actually start such a post several times. Each time, the words wouldn’t flow. I began to get annoyed with myself. How hard can it be to say “I’ve decided to delete my Facebook page”? I could have added the words: “I’d like to thank everyone for supporting my page” and then explained my reasons for the decision. Easy. Except it wasn’t.

I guess the problem was that deep down I wasn’t sure I wanted to get rid of my page. I like posting there. My Facebook page feels like an extension of this blog. It’s a good place for sharing links, short stories, resources and other interesting unschooling stuff, as well as blog post notifications. Also, I enjoy chatting to friends in the comments.

Last Saturday morning, I decided to do some research. I posted this on Facebook:

Have a look at the comments. You’ll see that I received some fantastic feedback. And so what am I going to do? Keep posting on my page! I shall have to find another way to free up time so I can fit blogging into my busy life without getting overloaded.

I wonder…

Yesterday, my 16-year-old daughter Sophie needed a lift to work. Before we left home, I threw my selfie stick into my bag with a vague idea about making a vlog in the car. And after I’d dropped Sophie off, I got out my phone and did actually record something before starting off on the 45-minute journey home. It took me less than ten minutes to make a video. I’d used a short window of opportunity to do something for myself and my blog. And I still had the whole day ahead to spend with my family.

So now I’m wondering if I could make regular car vlogs. If only I could record a podcast while I’m driving along.

Does podcasting in the car sound like a silly idea? I did some googling and it seems other people do actually make podcasts while they’re travelling. They make the most of their journey time. Could I do the same? Maybe I need to buy a new mic and do some experimenting. Anyway, it’s an idea.

And what if I podcasted and vlogged at the same time? It’s very easy to split the audio track from a video. Here’s the audio from my Monday Morning Vlog.

Perhaps I’ll think about this idea a bit more. See if it really is possible.

The other thing I could do is suppress my perfectionist nature. Write posts and then publish them without checking them a million times. Oh my, can I really do that? I could practise by publishing this post just as it is.

But before I do hit ‘publish’, if you haven’t already hopped over to my Facebook page, I’d like to invite you to join me there. I have some beautiful friends who stop by to add a thought or just say hello. Perhaps you’d like to as well.

Image: Imogen is taking a photo of Sophie who is taking a photo of Imogen who is trying out her new vlogging camera!

So do you have trouble fitting blogging or podcasting into your busy life? I wonder if you have any tips to make the whole process more efficient. And are you a perfectionist? Do you check your posts a million times before publishing them?

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    • Anna Vaschina
    • May 30, 2017

    How wonderful…new ideas…podcasting on the road, carpool podcast, carpark vlogs. I love this idea. A great time saver.

    1. Reply


      It was lovely of you to watch both of my car vlogs and encourage me to make more. Thank you!

  1. Reply

    I didn’t know about your perfectionism, you’ve kept that secret well! If you did end up hitting publish without rechecking, I don’t see any typos or bad grammar, you can relax. Podcasting (and blogging) in the car seems a great idea, do you find that you need notes though? I find I am not confident at all to do a video without a thorough list of notes, but I think that’s because of my poor memory and lack of comfort with a camera on me. You don’t seem to have such issues though.
    I guess life is a series of trying to find better ways. How to be a better person, how to manage our lives more effectively. Reassessment is a good thing!

    1. Reply


      Unfortunately, I am indeed a perfectionist. It’s rather annoying because everything takes a long time to complete. Generally, I’m good with typos and grammar because I fix them up as I write, but I spend a long time polishing my posts, changing a word here or there, moving sentences around, trying to say things in the best way I can. Never satisfied!

      Before I make a podcast, I usually write a few notes though I have made some episodes without them. If I don’t write down a list of points, I sometimes forget to mention a few things but usually, that’s okay. I imagine it’s more important for you than me to say things as well as possible. I think I can probably vlog for a few minutes at a time without too many problems. Could I podcast a whole episode in front of the camera without looking at my notes? I’m not sure. That might take a bit of practice!

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    Yikes! I forgot you had a Facebook page! I haven’t even kept mine up-to-date lately, so I guess Facebook just isn’t my thing. I haven’t tried podcasting or vlogging yet. As for writing, I’ve found that fitting in 10 minutes here and there is the best bet for me. I leave myself little notes about what I should do next so, ideally, I can start right back up the next time. All our transit is via bus and train, so a vlog might be kind of interesting to say the least, (actually, that might be an excellent idea! Thanks!). Our buses and trains also tend to serve as our living room. We spend a great deal of our quality time with each other there. None of us have to watch the road, so we’ll grab the back seats, and hang out. Sunday we all read our comic books to each other on the way home. That’s probably what I’ll write about next πŸ™‚

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      I read about a woman who wrote a book ten minutes at a time. I admire how you can write in short bursts. Do you ever get frustrated when you’re in the middle of writing something and the words are flowing and you have to stop and move onto something else?

      I love hearing about your life. We live in a very different place to you. Our public transport system is very minimal. We need a car to get around unless we’re willing to wait hours for a bus. I can just imagine you sitting on a bus or train, relaxing and reading books with your children. A wonderful way to use travel time! I’ll hop over to your blog in my next free moment to read the promised post!

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    I can really relate to this post. I think about deleting FB, but then I wonder if it’s really FB or the pressure I am putting on myself on how to use it. I am going to relax more, and do what I can when I can instead of overthinking. πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing!

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      I think you are so right about Facebook. I also put pressure on myself when I shouldn’t. I worry about keeping up with friends, failing to join in with conversations, posting on my page… Probably no one notices when I fail to do what I think is expected. And when I do actually find time to join in with something, everyone is glad to connect me with. No one has unfriended me ( as far as I know!) because I’m sometimes quiet. I know all about overthinking!

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

    • Alissa
    • May 31, 2017

    I often go through spurts where I think how productive would I be without FB to waste minutes here and there of my time. Until I think how cut off I would feel as a home school/unschool stay at home mom. Sometimes we need that extra space to chat with like minded parents. I also think of all the things I’d miss in our local area then I think would that be so terrible? I settle calling it the necessary evil πŸ™‚

    1. Reply


      I think I’d also feel cut off at home if I deleted my Facebook account. I don’t see many people from day to day and so I appreciate being able to connect with friends online. The necessary evil is a good way of describing Facebook. Yes, I like that name!

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