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Last night I was browsing the Kindle Store and came across some books by Archbishop Fulton Sheen. I remembered he was a renowned speaker and I wondered if any of his talks are available on the Internet. I went searching and …
I found a site called where there are nearly 300 of Fulton Sheen’s talks.
This is the introduction on the website:
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen touched the lives of millions worldwide with his warmth, wisdom and humor. A master communicator, he had the great gift of preaching and teaching the Gospel in a way easy to understand.

There are talks on many aspects of the Faith: the catechism, love, marriage, the Passion, priests, the spirituality of St Therese… and many others. The complete list is on the MP3 page. And apparently further talks will be added!
There are three options:
  • Listen to the talks online for free (you will need to register)
  • The talks can be downloaded unlimited times as MP3 files for $27
  • A CD containing all the talks can be bought for $47

I registered and started listening. It is true: Fulton Sheen is full of warmth, wisdom and humour. I can’t wait for a quiet moment to listen to the next talk. This morning I gave the link to my teenage girls. They want to listen too.
I am sure we are all going to learn a lot about our Faith as we work our way through the talks. 
If you’re looking for some inspiring spiritual talks for yourself or your older children perhaps you’d also like to visit
And if anyone knows of any other sites which have good Catholic talks, please share!
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  1. Reply

    Ooh! Thank you for sharing this, Sue!! I listen to talks and books on my iPad, instead of reading, so this sounds great.

    Can't stay, I'm afraid – I'm off to meet up with the good Archbishop:-D

    1. Reply


      You discovered this post quickly. It is still hot off the press!

      I was listening to a Fulton Sheen talk in bed last night. It was so convenient using my tablet. So far I have only registered for listening online but I might pay the $27 so I can download the talks.

      I started with the first talk on the list but there are so many intriguing titles it will be a big decision what to listen to next. I rather like the sound of the St Therese ones.

      Let me know how you enjoy the talks!

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    Ooh! Thank you for sharing this here and in your last email! I can't wait to download it as soon as I fix whatever's wrong with my phone. If you follow the sites link to the app store (wether or not you have an iphone) you will see in the product description page a link of other apps that the company produces. They all look very interesting. There's one on Catholic saints, talks about the faith and G.K Chesterson books. Perhaps you can find those for you kindle?

    1. Reply


      After I wrote this post I was given an iPod and I downloaded the Fulton Sheen app from the iTunes store. But I never noticed the other apps, the ones you mentioned. I just had a look and yes! they look very interesting. Thank you so much for telling me about them. I'm going to have lots of wonderful things to listen to on my iPod!

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