Glimpsing the World through a Child’s Eyes

“Do you want to watch a movie? We’re having a boys’ movie night.”

A movie night? That sounds like a relaxing way to spend an evening. Someone grabs the popcorn, someone else inserts the DVD into the player and then waves the remote control. The TV screen lights up. Three boys settle back and start munching and watching. The movie is good, the story involving, the tension is mounting. And then…

Someone waves the remote control once again at the DVD player, and the TV screen goes blank as the movie disappears.

“What’s wrong? Where’s the movie gone?”

“Time for bed. We’ve all got to be up early tomorrow. We’ll have to finish it another night.”

“Another night? But I was enjoying it… Why do we have to go to bed?”

“If you stay up any later, you’ll get overtired. The DVD will still be here tomorrow.”

“Time for bed? We’ll finish it another night?” There’s a lot of mumbling going on.

My sons reluctantly drag themselves out of their chairs… Oops! That’s not right.

My husband Andy reluctantly drags himself out of his chair. He takes a last longing look at the TV and starts cleaning up. Our boys have already disappeared.

How times change. 

And although Andy and I find the whole situation amusing, we also learn something…

Sometimes it must be very frustrating being a child.

Those eyes? Yes, they belong to Gemma-Rose!


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    • Gina
    • February 23, 2014

    Sue, have you ever considered putting several of your unschool posts together into a an ebook or a self-published print book? I would buy it! I would also recommend it to my friends! Take care! -Gina

    1. Reply


      Thank you so much for your encouragement. If you think it would be worthwhile putting together some posts, I might do it. The posts would probably need a bit of editing because they have been written for a blog and not a book, but I don't suppose that would be too difficult. I will think some more about this!

      God bless!

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