Go Out There and Make a Difference!


Do you ever compare yourself to someone else who’s doing similar work to you? Do you feel discouraged if they seem to be more successful than you? Perhaps you feel like giving up. Why bother? Well, don’t give up. You have a unique voice. So do I. So does everyone. No one can do things in the exact same way as us. We all have an important job to do. And we have to get out there, do it, and make a difference.

The same is true for our children. I’m always saying to my family, “Go out there and make a difference!” It doesn’t matter if they are cantoring the psalm on Sundays, performing on a stage, teaching a classroom of children, listening to someone, or even washing the dishes, I say those words. I remind them that we can do everything in such a way that our efforts make a difference to the people around us and to the world we live in.

Maybe, it’s important to keep reminding our kids that they have an important role to play, especially if they’re tempted to compare themselves to others who stand in the spotlight because of their visibly amazing achievements.

I talk about going out there and making a difference in this week’s podcast. In episode 78, I also answer the following questions:

  • Where have I been for the past few weeks? What have I been doing? Where am I going?
  • Will kids learn something if they have a need?
  • What new Evernote feature am I excited about?

And lots more!

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So what are you working on? Where are you making a difference?

In this episode, I spoke about Imogen’s music video, Loch Lomond, and how she recorded it with my husband Andy. Here’s the published video!


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  1. Reply

    Thanks for keeping me company at the loom, as usual, there was so much content in this podcast and plenty to reflect upon.
    Looking forward to Imogen (and Andy's) new video.

    1. Reply


      I like the image of you weaving while listening to my podcast. I'm so glad I was able to keep you company. Thank you for listening!

      Imogen and Andy's video will be live tomorrow. We hope you enjoy it!

  2. Reply

    Where have you been? And where are you going? This sounds very interesting, and I feel sad for my not so good hearing, preventing me from listening to the answer. I hope the answer is not avay from blogging.
    God bless

    1. Reply


      I've been struggling a bit recently, trying to keep up with all I do online while feeling very tired. I did consider moving away from blogging and not returning to podcasting, but maybe that's not the answer. I do enjoy writing and speaking and perhaps I still have something useful to say. So I've decided to play things by ear, and not worry too much about keeping up and just do what I can. I might reduce the number of things I am involved with. I will see!

      You are so kind not wanting to see me disappear from the blogging world. Thank you!

      God bless you and your family too!

  3. Reply

    Your words mean a lot to me. When I am having a hard time being patient with my children, your voice often comes into my head!! Thank you, never feel that what you do is not incredibly helpful and meaningful. I really mean that! May God bless you and your unique and lovely family xxx

    1. Reply


      What a beautiful comment! Thank you so much for taking the time to write these very encouraging and kind words. I do appreciate them. I'm so glad that something of what I say is helpful. I've been thinking about how amazing it is that my voice travels around the world without me. Now I'm thinking about it being inside your head. That seems rather remarkable!

      Thank you so much for listening to my podcast. I hope we can chat again another day. May God bless you and your family too!

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