How an Unschooling Life isn’t Perfect and Why That’s Okay

I take a look at my drafts file. I have SEVENTY half-written blog posts! Can I finish any of them? How about this one?

I began writing this post some time ago when I was enthusiastically working on my unschooling book. If I publish it, will I feel motivated to continue writing my book?

I’m writing an unschooling book. I’ve been thinking about the main message I want to share. What do I really want to say?

Of course, I want to tell everyone about unschooling. I want readers to feel excited by my words. Will my book encourage someone to say, “Hey, I want to give unschooling a go!”? I hope so!

So what words will I use? Will I say, “Unschool and everything will be wonderful”? I could tell loads of stories that will convince you that my family is living a perfect life. But is this really true?

Are my kids perfect? Am I a perfect mother? Is life one long and interesting and enjoyable adventure because we unschool?

I’d like to answer yes to all those questions.  But I can’t.

So why write a book about unschooling if it isn’t a perfect way of life? Why do I write this blog? Am I just another voice in the crowd? Are we all shouting about how we’ve found the best way to live when none of us has? Or is unschooling truly a way of life that is different from everything else?

I believe unschooling is different because it’s all about unconditional love.

Unconditional love? Surely unschooling is all about giving kids the freedom to learn what they like? How do we get from that to love?

Oh my, it would take me a long time to explain. That’s why I want to write an unschooling book.

I want to share how choosing to unschool, although it won’t make our lives perfect overnight, will result in a love so powerful it will encourage us to become the people we are all meant to be.

I have already explored the topic of unschooling and unconditional love many times in my blog posts and podcasts. As I’m writing my book, perhaps I should go back and read and listen to my own words. Refresh my memory and then put everything together in an organised way.

I could start with podcast, episode 21: Being Honest, Talking about Mistakes and Perfection. I can’t remember exactly what I said. Can you? But the title looks promising.

So what do you think? Is your unschooling life perfect? Is perfection necessary? And have you discovered the connection between unschooling and unconditional love? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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