How Do I Turn Unschooling Life into Homeschool Records?

Sometimes life is quiet. We can stay at home and relax.  There’s plenty of time to say such things as “Would you like to watch a Shakespeare play with me?” We read books and drink hot chocolate. We write and chat and work on our individual projects. And as we do all this, I add links and notes to our homeschool records book.

But sometimes life races along at an incredible pace. We take trips away from home. I drive a daughter to work.  The girls attend music lessons, We shop. We take recycling to the resource centre. We paint the interior of our house. We’re invited to music recitals. We take a new puppy to the vet. We go on outings to scout for new music video locations. We film new videos. One thing after another, and then at the end of the day, we flop onto the sofa to watch a movie or a TV show together (nothing ‘educational’). And I look at my homeschool records book and I wonder how I’m going to turn all these events into notes. How do I turn life into homeschool records?

In this week’s podcast, episode 104, I discuss this question. I share some of the things we’ve been doing recently and how I translated them into homeschool records notes.

I also talk about the questions:

  • Should we give pocket money to our unschooling kids?
  • Should we buy our kids what they need to further their passions?
  • Should we expect our adult children to be part of our lives?
  • What will I speak about when I do my first Facebook Live?
  • Why do I appear twice in Feedspot’s list of their Top 50 Blogs and Websites for Unschoolers and Their Parents?
  • Did I finish Camp NaNoWriMo? Do I now have a first draft of my unschooling book?

Show Notes

One of my blog post promo videos, How to Get Children to Do Their ‘School Work’:

Imogen’s Facebook Page

Imogen’s Youtube Channel

Imogen’s Second Facebook Live Video

Imogen’s Latest Music Video: Something Just LIke This:



Has your life also been busy recently? Do you have a dog? And what do you think about pocket money? Do you give it to your children? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Or just stop by and say hello!


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    • Venisa
    • August 12, 2017

    I was finally able to listen! I really look forward to hearing your voice and listening to the stories you tell. One of the things I enjoy the most is unschooling encouragement. Like you have mentioned before there is a lot of negative parenting around and your podcasts help counteract that for me. Listening to your stories and your perspective on day to day happenings gives me so many new ideas and I am so happy you make these podcasts. If we unschoolers got together and had a live chat I think that would be fun. I think it would be great to talk about things that are working for us and not working for us. It seems like that would be plenty to discuss for one chat.

    1. Reply


      I’m glad you enjoy listening to my podcasts. I like your suggestion for a FB Live chat. It’s always great sharing ideas with other unschoolers!

      Thank you so much for listening to this week’s episode!

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