How Homeschooling Children Can Use Evernote

I find a new resource such as a fantastic website or an
app or a software program, and I am excited. I want to share the resource with
my children. So how do I do that? Usually I say, “Hey, girls! Look what I’ve found!” And my kids catch hold of the excitement in my voice, and they are willing to listen while I tell them all about my discovery. This is exactly what happened when I discovered

Oh no! Not another Evernote post! I seem to be writing an
Evernote series. I didn’t plan it that way. I find myself down an unexpected Evernote
road: writing, making videos, answering questions… That’s life at the moment. I’m just going with the flow: I guess that fits right in with our unschooling
So did my children like Evernote? They did. We brainstormed
lots of idea on how to use it, and then they went off and created their own
notebooks. I had no idea what they put in those notebooks until I made this
video. What did I find? Did they use my ideas or did they prefer their own? Would
you like to watch my video to find out more? 

This video is not a showcase for my children’s learning. I made it to share ideas, both about Evernote, and also about the principles of unschooling. I want to encourage discussion, not set myself up as an example. Did I explain that right? Probably not! I hope you understand.

‘How Homeschooling Children Can Use Evernote’…

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  1. Reply

    This is great Sue, thanks for sharing. I love Evernote and now I have another reason to use it, let's see if my boys agree 😉

    1. Reply

      Hi Meredith,

      It's been a long time since we last chatted though I've been enjoying your posts. I follow the links Google +. Thank you so much for watching my video and stopping by to say hello! I hope your boys like Evernote!

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    I love these ideas. I have been using Evernote for years to keep a list of recipes from the internet and I love how I can tag and organize things. I have never thought of using it this way before.

    1. Reply


      Recipes from the Internet? Oh yes, that's a wonderful idea. I actually downloaded the Evernote Food app for my tablet, but I haven't yet worked out how to use it. Maybe I should just add a notebook to my regular Evernote ones. Is that what you are doing? That would work. I love sharing ideas. Thank you for stopping by!

    2. Reply

      Yes I just use a regular notebook and tag the recipes in ways that make sense to me so I can find them easily again. I didn't know they had a tablet recipe app. Hmmmmmm

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