How to Start a Great Art Conversation


On Monday, I plug my mic into my computer, open Audacity, hit ‘record’, and start to talk.  For 40 minutes, I discuss a current unschooling topic. Along the way, I share some family news. Before I know it, I have a new podcast episode to upload to Podbean. Episode 82 is done. And it’s only a day late!

On Friday, I think, “If I want to post next week’s episode on time, I should record it this afternoon.” But before I can record a podcast, I have to come up with a topic to talk about. After pondering this question for some time, I come to the conclusion I talked about everything on Monday. I can’t think of a single new piece of news. No new unschooling topic has been floating around my head. My girls haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. I feel uninspired.

What will I do? Have a podcastless week?

Suddenly a new idea occurs to me: What if I make a shorter-than-usual  podcast on a single topic? I could use a blog post as a starting point.

So I dig deep into my blog’s archive looking for a suitable post. Soon I’ve unearthed an old but very popular post about art. Could I chat about strewing art? Maybe I could share some of the great art conversations that my girls and I have had.

Podcast planned. Podcast recorded. Here it is. (And it’s not late!)

In Episode 83. I talk about:

  • My ideas for future podcast episodes
  • How to strew paintings
  • How paintings can lead to all kinds of conversations
  • Ferrets and how ours came to a crunchy end!

Show Notes

Blog post
What Happened When I Strewed a Painting on the Wall

It’s Not a Periscope 2: Pictures
Maybe you’d like to see our painting on the wall near our kitchen table!

The Milkmaid
painting files
Woman with a Pearl Necklace
painting files

The Winged Watchman by Hilda Van Stockum
The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame 
The Willows and Beyond by William Horwood
The Willows in Winter by William Horwood
Toad Triumphant by William Horwood
The Willows at Christmas by William Horwood

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So have you ever strewed a painting? Do you have a favourite artist? And what do you think about ferrets?

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  1. Reply

    The podcast is excellent! It was fun to learn about strewing. The ferret story is awesome! Thanks!

    1. Reply


      Thank you so much for your positive feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed this shorter style episode. I didn't like my son's ferret at all – you probably gathered that! – but I did enjoy telling its story. I hope your children never look at you with big appealing eyes and ask for a ferret!

      Thanks for listening to my podcast!

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