If You Haven’t Got Time to Listen to a Whole Podcast…


“What are you going to do this week, Mum?”

“I’m going to make a couple of videos.”

And I did!

So what are they about? The first one is about encouraging kids’ ideas. Sometimes, to us, children’s ideas sound impractical or even silly. Is it better to tell them their ideas aren’t likely to succeed or should we encourage them to try them out?

The second video is about life-long learning. I used to think education was just for kids. I’d done my time at school, now it was my kids’ turn to learn. Sometimes, it was a battle to get them to work. Things turned around when, at last, I realised learning is a natural part of life for everyone, and not something just for kids.

Do these topics sound familiar? They might do if you listened to this week’s podcast, Getting Older, Unschooling and Moving On.

Each video contains an excerpt from that podcast episode. I added slideshows of photos, some graphics plus a bit of music. Before I knew it, one podcast had turned into two videos! Each is just under 5 minutes long.

Not everyone has time to listen to 30 minutes or more of podcast. I understand that. But 5 minutes? Perhaps that’s more appealing? I hope so!

If you’d like to watch my latest video creations, here they are:

(You can find more of my videos on my Youtube Channel: Sue Elvis)

Didn’t I have a productive week? I hope you did too!

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  1. Reply

    Slideshow videos were great! Off to listen to the podcast whilst the kids are still sleeping :-). Early morning here!

    1. Reply


      I'm glad the videos are okay. You must have been up early if your kids were still sleeping. Thank you for starting your day with my podcast!

  2. Reply

    Dave and I both listened to the podcast. He was especially interested in NANORIMO thanks for sharing x

    1. Reply


      Thank you to you and Dave for listening to my podcast together! The girls really enjoy NaNoWriMo. This event has encouraged them to write a number of novels. It is possible to write a draft novel in 30 days! November is the big one, but there is also Camp NaNoWriMo during April and July. Is Dave interested in writing a novel? Or perhaps a non-fiction work? He should give it a go. I've done NaNo 3 times and would recommend it.

      I hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend. Sending love. xxx

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