Imogen Talks about the Role of Parents in Unschooling


Last week I made a video of my 18 year old daughter Imogen talking about unschooling and university. Thank you to everyone who took the time to watch it!

left a question for Imogen in the combox: How did your parents make your unschooling/homeschooling a positive experience?

Imogen and I discussed this question together. Then I grabbed the video camera and the tripod, ready to interview my daughter once again.

Imogen talked about such things as a parents’ example, love of learning, sharing passions, creating a joyful atmosphere, respecting and trusting children…

I intended to make a shorter video this time but it seems we have lots to say because the finished video is again about 12 minutes long. Perhaps if you are interested in watching the video but don’t have much time, you could take it in stages.

If you’d like to listen to Imogen’s thoughts on an unschooling parent’s role, please share our latest video…

Imogen Talks about Parents and Unschooling

And if anyone has some more questions, please ask!

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    This is soooo wonderlful!! Thank you so much, Sue and Imogen!!
    I was quite suprised but very delighted to get a whole video as an answer to my question. I will put it on my blog too. Most of my readers are German speaking. So I intend to write a summary in German (as soon as I get to it). Really there is so much wise and important talk. I think this can help me and other homeschool or unschool parents on our way.

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      I was so pleased to see your comment. Thank you! It was great fun making this video. Imogen and I enjoyed discussing your question. I was very interested in hearing Imogen's thoughts as well. I thought she made a some good points, especially about sharing passions.

      It's kind of you to put my video on your blog. Thank you! It must be so useful to be bi-lingual. I am in awe of your talents!

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    What a lovely video! Its great Imogen sings! I do too! Well sort of… I used to be able to sing really well but for some reason my voice is sounding terrible at the moment…
    Imogen's interviews are getting better and better!
    Keep up the great work!!!

    God Bless

    1. Reply


      I will have to persuade Imogen to sing for a video! Maybe your voice is maturing and will sound better once it settles down again. Or maybe your voice only sounds terrible to you!

      Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the video.

      God bless!

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      I just have one question for Imogen: What if the child you are unschooling will just refuse to do any schoolwork no matter what. How will you deal with a child that is just so stubborn that you can not trust him/her because they will not try to learn anything educational by themselves. Some children (yours especially) seem to me perfectly capable to provide their own learning without being forcing to learn, and they seem so smart and intelligent! but what about the children who just don't want to learn because they think that learning is boring.
      Maybe Immy or you could answer that for me? Of course you don't have to if you don't want to but I just think it might be a good thing to discuss. 🙂

      God Bless

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      Unschooling doesn't work unless you do trust a child to learn all they will need to know without forcing them. This includes what most people would describe as 'educational' subjects. Children will learn such things as maths and English, either because they find them interesting, or because they see a need for them, or both. Children who have been allowed to explore their interests and take the lead in their education, don't find learning boring at all. At least that's our experience!

      You sound very interested in unschooling. I'd love to hear about your own homeschooling. What things do you like to learn about?

      God bless!

  3. I think Imogen would be an excellent TV presenter if she ever felt so inspired! She is an excellent advocate for unschooling. I'm glad she mentioned computer time, too. I sometimes feel a bit guilty about my personal lack of interest in some of the things my 8 year old son does on the computer, but I do ask lots of questions and try to follow the answers. And I certainly marvel (vociferously) at the obvious amount he is learning from the time he spends engrossed at his screen!

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      It was very kind of you to take the time to watch our video. I know how difficult it can be to find such a long stretch of free time.

      Imogen said she felt very awkward at the thought of me filming her, but once she started, it became easier. I think she did very well considering she wasn't reading any notes or being prompted as she spoke.

      An advocate for unschooling… in a small way maybe she will be! I received an email asking Imogen if she'd be interested in being interviewed by a fellow unschooler via Skype. The video would be uploaded to Youtube so it could be shared. When the bushfire crisis is over, Imogen might do that. It would be an interesting experience!

      The computer is a wonderful tool. Sophie and Gemma-Rose have been learning how to code in HTML. (I have too!) Sophie is so excited because she is going to design her own web pages. Perhaps your son would be interested in these coding lessons too. They're excellent. You could have a go too! Here's the link to the website Codecademy in case you'd like to have a look…

      Lovely to chat and thank you again for the encouragement with the video.

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      I try to keep up with comments as I notice them. I love chatting to everyone who stops by so if I have a free moment, I enjoy replying quickly. I haven't been so good the last couple of day as I've been distracted by the fires. I'm sure everyone understands!

      Have a go at the coding lessons. They're free and easy to understand and enjoyable!

    3. Hi Sue, You always amaze me how quickly you answer comments! Thank you for the Codeacademy link, that looks very interesting.

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