Is it Necessary We Agree with Each Other’s Ideas?

A reader once linked one of my posts to her blog and added the words: “I don’t agree with all her ideas, but I like this one.”

Someone liked my post! I smiled. But a small part of me thought, “What’s wrong with some of my other ideas?” I wanted the reader to agree with everything I have to say. Is that just a natural reaction? Have you ever felt that way? Maybe most of us want our opinions to be accepted by others.

It feels good when we’re exactly in tune with someone else. We don’t have to explain ourselves because we understand each other. We know we’re not going to have any disagreements so we can relax. We can talk about anything and everything without the fear we might reveal too much about ourselves. We’re kindred spirits. These type of friendships are very special.

But not everyone in our lives has to be a kindred spirit friend. I think we also need people who are different from ourselves.

When I’m willing to look at the world through their eyes, I learn a lot from people who aren’t like me. I ponder new ideas. I hear about new things. Sometimes I even give up my own opinion in favour of someone else’s. But even if I don’t, my life is enriched and I always grow.

In my last podcast, Do My Unschoolers Mind Being Different?, my 14-year-old daughter Sophie said that because she’s different from those around her, she’s inclined to look for differences in other people. Even when teenagers are trying to be the same so they will fit into the crowd, she searches out the special qualities that make those people unique. Her words gave me much to think about.

If someone is different from ourselves, we shouldn’t be quick to dismiss them as a person we don’t want to know, someone we can’t be friends with, someone we can’t learn from. On the contrary, our eyes should light up, our ears should turn towards that person. Who knows what we will see and hear that may enrich our lives?

Is it necessary you agree with all my ideas? Oh no! We don’t have to be totally in tune. We can share and ponder and grow because of our differences. We can still be friends.

Life wouldn’t be as interesting if we were all the same, would it?

Image: Black Sheep by Jesus Solana, (CC BY 2.0)

Isn’t the different sheep always the more interesting?


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    Dear Sue,
    Oh no- horror of horrors! I think it was 'my' blog. I remember making that comment and then later erasing it, thinking…what good would that statement do? I mean, what a dumb thing to even say! But I like how you took that and turned it into this beautiful post, something we can all grow and learn from. If you are curious, I was probably just referring to the fact that we are Mennonite and your family is Catholic…so those are probably the only differences. But, that's also what DRAWS me to you- I love seeing a person fervent in her faith, in her family, in homeschooling, etc. I LOVE that! Your life is a beautiful blessing to me and if I could pick one famous person out there in the world to meet and have lunch (or tea!) with it would be YOU!! Thank you and keep up this beautiful work for the Lord. Blessings, Lori

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      Horror of horrors? Oh no! I'm sorry my post brought those words to your mind. I'm not sure where I read the comment I quoted. I'm guessing lots of people could have written something similar. There must be a lot of people in the blogosphere who don't agree with all my ideas! But if it was you, it doesn't matter at all. It was an honest opinion and not unkind in any way. It gave me lots to think about and I did learn from it. So it was good!

      I'm glad you stopped by to comment. It is lovely to chat! Thank you for sharing the fact you are Mennonites. I am going to find out more. It's good to learn more about other people and their faith. I bet we share a lot regardless of our differences including most importantly, love. Love of God and family and unschooling. Oh sometimes I do feel compelled to share that love! A beautiful work for the Lord? My blog is such a little thing and not very important, but regardless of this, sometimes I feel I HAVE to share, there's a reason for writing. Maybe you understand!

      Lori, your comment is very generous and I appreciate it very much. If only we could meet! I would enjoy chatting over lunch and getting to know you better. Despite the distance between us, we can still be friends. I hope we get a chance to chat again another day. May God bless you and your family!

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    Sorry but I just don't agree … :p

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      Ha ha! 🙂

      It is so lovely to exchange a comment with you. I've missed you. Where have you been? I am totally out of touch with your news because you haven't written any posts in a long time. Did you move house? How is the Fashionista getting on at school? What wonderful adventures have you been having? Could you please write a post and let me know? Please? The blogosphere needs you!

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    My first thought was "Oh no, I hope it wasn't me who made that comment!" We can all be guilty of saying or writing something without really considering the impact it may have on somebody else.
    My Mother in law likes to say "All the world is strange, save thee and me, and even thee are odd at times" 🙂

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      No, it wasn't you! I certainly didn't mean to point the finger at anyone when I quoted that comment. Those words made me think which was good. I'm sure most people don't intend to hurt when they write such comments. They just add to the conversation!

      I love your mother-in-law's quote. I'm definitely odd!

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