It’s Not a Periscope 2: Pictures


Did you watch my first it’s-not-a-periscope? It only took ten minutes to make it. I spoke. My daughter Sophie recorded. We did it all in one take.

“That was easy,” I said when we’d finished “I could make loads of these videos. All I need is a few spare minutes. I could talk about all kinds of things.”

So a few days later, I shouted, “Hey, Sophie! How about we record another it’s-not-a-periscope? We’ve just got enough time before we have our morning coffee. I could talk about art and creativity and show everyone some of the pictures on our walls.”

So Sophie grabbed the camera, pointed it in my direction, and I started speaking. And immediately I made a mistake. I completely messed up the beginning of the video. Sophie laughed and laughed at something I’d said. Videographers aren’t as polite as they ought to be!

Here’s that first attempt to record my video.

Eventually, we all stopped laughing, and we continued filming. And, despite it taking us longer than expected, we ended up with a second episode of  It’s Not a Periscope.

“Do periscopes have show notes?” I asked Sophie.

“I’m not sure.”

As this isn’t a real periscope, I can do whatever I like. I can make up my own rules. So I put together some notes. I included the links to a few things I chatted about.

Show Notes

Young Woman Gathering Lemons
A poem about mothers, children and creativity by Jan Owens.

Sew Easy
Some ideas for creating red work embroideries, an easy project for anyone including children.

What Happened When I Strewed a Painting on the Wall
Some ideas for encouraging conversations based on paintings.

Why It’s Essential I Love My Own Ideas
Our art card collections and how I made them.

Kelly Casanova’s Youtube Channel
I’m an avid weaver and dyer and love to share my yarny passions with others. I hope you enjoy my videos!

So would you like a second tour of our home, a slower one than before? Would you like to linger in front of a few pictures, as I chat about art, creativity, and a mother’s passions while sharing a few ideas? You do? Fantastic!

Come on in. Let me show you around…



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  1. Reply

    Loved the blooper and the polished version! We have a large framed image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the top landing. What a good idea printing art work and placing it st children's height. Will listen to podcast 71 when I am not so tired. Sending hearts your way xx

    1. Reply


      Maybe the blooper was more entertaining than the polished version! Thank you so much for watching and sending hearts my way. I recorded podcast 71 when I was tired and you are going to listen when you're not so tired. Too much tiredness! I hope you feel rested soon. Sending love to you. xxx

  2. Reply

    Dear Sue, it's been a long time since I have read your blogs but I always get a glimpse of your updates here and there. I don't get to listen your podcast because it is usally noisy around here 🙂 You have a nice home and it is fun to see, where your blogs are being produced!

    1. Reply


      I'm so glad you stopped by to say hello! Thank you for watching my video. It's lovely to know you 'visited' my home!

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