It’s Not a Periscope 4: Morning Tea and Library Books


Every day at 10 am we drop everything and have morning tea. But we don’t always drink tea. Sometimes we have coffee or hot chocolate or even a cold drink. Confusing? If you have a morning tea custom, you’ll understand!

Today I’m inviting you to visit me for morning tea. You don’t need to bring anything to eat. Sophie has made some of her special sugar-free chocolate cakes. Will I make tea or coffee? Will it be real coffee or instant? Tea bags or a pot? I keep the tea and coffee in the pantry and the milk (of course) in the fridge. But what do my pantry and fridge look like? Will I show you?

While we sip our drinks, I’m going to show you a few books that I borrowed from our last library trip. Will you accept my invitation? Will you visit me? Yes? I’ll fill the kettle!


Show Notes

The Matilda Saga book series by Jackie French:

A Waltz for Matilda
The Girl from Snowy River
The Road to Gundagai
To Love a Sunburnt Country
The Ghost by the Billabong

Poetry by Banjo Paterson
Waltzing Matilda
The Man from Snowy River
The Road to Gundagai
Clancy of the Overflow (To Love a Sunburnt Country)

Poem by Dorothea MacKellar
My Country (To love a Sunburnt Country)

The Billabong book series by Mary Grant Bruce
A Little Bush Maid
Mates at Billabong
Captain Jim
Back to Billabong

Ken Robinson: books
Out of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creative
The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything
Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life

Ken Robinson on video
Do Schools Kill Creativity
Bring on the Learning Revolution
Out of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creative
The Element
How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Wouldn’t it be lovely if we really could sit down together and chat over a hot drink? What would you choose? Tea or coffee or hot chocolate or something else?

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  1. Reply

    I enjoyed the extra member of your blog sitting next to you today. We have a k-cup coffee maker which makes it easy to enjoy our different tastes and quickly for tea time. It's not a custom here in the U.S. but we have made it ours at home.

    1. Reply


      The extra member? Was that our cat Poppy? I didn't notice her on the arm of the chair while I was recording. It seems she wanted to be at the centre of the action, get into the video and be a Youtube star!

      I just looked up k-cup coffee makers. They seem to be like our single serve pod coffee makers. Insert the pod, press the handle, and that's about all there is to it, not forgetting the water, of course! We have one of those coffee makers. You are quite right. They make coffee very quickly and easily. I shall have to buy some pods and make more use of our coffee maker!

      Thank you so much for sharing morning tea time with me!

  2. Reply

    Good morning Sue!
    It felt like I was there at your home as your guest. Thank you for inviting me for a cup of tea (I don't drink coffee) 🙂 My 3rd daughter also watched for a while and my 2nd youngest daughter liked your cat. So funny, how it wanted to get on the scene!

    1. Reply


      I'd love to have you in my home as a real guest. I'd make tea and we could chat in person. Doesn't that sound good? I think the cat is the star of my video! Thank you so much for watching my video and joining me for morning tea!

  3. Reply

    How fun, Sue, thanks for the tea time! What a lovely idea! I am returning to the computer after a few weeks away (busy with year end wrapping things up for summer here), and I am having a marvelous time catching back up with all your posts, podcasts and videos.

    We particularly enjoyed seeing your house (we also have every wall crammed with bookshelves, yet must go to the library often because we don't have enough books)and the bush track.

    Australia is so exotic to us! I can't even imagine seeing wild koalas and kangaroos! We loved the banksia and had to look up more information about it. I suppose where we live things would be exotic to you, but I can't imagine what you'd be surprised to see – certainly not the rabbits! Deer maybe? Thanks for the lovely visit! 🙂

    1. Reply


      I can imagine how busy you have been with end of the school year stuff. Now you have summer stretching before you. How lovely! I wonder if you have any plans for an away from home holiday or vacation.

      My girls often say, "Can we go to the library. We have NOTHING to read!" What about all the books on our shelves? I see you understand that situation!

      I'm glad you enjoyed seeing our home and our local bush. Yes, it's normal for us, but I still have a sense of awe that WE live here! I love our village and feel very fortunate this is our home. It's good to feel that way about our homes. We should appreciate and love them and feel we belong to them. On the other hand, it's always a great experience to travel and see where other people live, and share the wonders of their lives too. We have rabbits but no deer. I'd love to see yours! I'm sure you have many other things we would find exotic.

      Thank you so much for reading, watching and listening, and most of all for visiting us!

  4. Reply

    I'm a little late watching this but we all really enjoyed joining you for tea time. Your cat Poppy is very pretty; she looked like she was waiting patiently to sit on your lap 🙂 My son Connor thought she was very funny!

    I was surprised while reading the comments to see another Wendy. I haven't met very many in real life!

    1. Reply


      Poppy thinks she is better than our other two cats, I'm sure! She keeps slightly aloof from them. You'd think she knows she came from the pet shop while the other cats were 'free to a good home'. Poppy was very upset when Jenny and Sammy moved in. You are right: She is very pretty!

      I know several Wendys online which is, I guess, unusual. Yes, Wendy isn't a common name. (I hope I don't get muddled up when I'm chatting to you or another of my Wendy friends!)

      I'm glad you enjoyed sharing our morning tea. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  5. Reply

    Sue! I loved watching this episode. You look so full of energy zipping around! Do you take vitamins or are you naturally so effervescent? I would love to have a cuppa together someday!

    1. Reply


      I’m often tired because I don’t sleep very well, but maybe we all seem effervescent when we’re doing something we have a passion for! It would be lovely to meet for a cuppa. I’d enjoy that too. Thank you so much for watching my video. It’s been good to chat with you!

      1. Reply

        Sue, I am sorry to hear you don’t sleep well. We have tried an experiment of drinking a bit of cherry juice before bed and taking some magnesium. It seems to help but we have only tried a couple of nights.
        I was hoping you had captured energy in a bottle. I think when we are passionate the energy comes.

        I look to your website for unschooling encouragement but find that I should really stop trying to copy another family but finding our own unique bend. I think that is your message to everyone. My blinders make me want to find a formula or a pill.

        I feel free to be myself and allow my kids to be themselves in many areas. But when I think of “education” I get all formal and stiff. I sent a link of a TedX Talk to you through youtube. I am very encouraged again through this talk to be free in our education. It really makes sense. It is as though my unconscious seems to hold me back. Thank you for sharing your stories here!

        1. Reply


          I’d love to chat with you more. We’re celebrating a birthday today and so my online time is very limited. I hope you don’t mind if I return and reply to your comment properly at a later time. I’ll speak to you again as soon as I can!

          1. Reply

            How wonderful! It was just my birthday today!!!! Many happy memories to you and yours! I happen to share my dad’s birthday and we had a great time together!

            1. Reply

              Happy birthday, Kim! How lovely you share your special day with your dad. We’ve just celebrated Imogen’s birthday. It’s our last birthday of the year.

              Thank you so much for the cherry juice suggestion. You said you’ve been experimenting. I hope you don’t have a sleep problem too.

              I haven’t yet watched the TedX Talk video, but I will. Life seems to have got a bit hectic recently. Writing a daily blog post isn’t helping! Anyway, when I’ve watched the video, perhaps we can chat again.

              I hope all is well with you and your family!

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