Learning During a Crisis

In this week’s podcast, episode 115, I’m sharing and discussing two stories: Learning From Life and Homeschooling in a Crisis

I’m talking about those times when we don’t need to strew because life is rich enough without any help from us. Maybe life is sometimes too rich. We might have a crisis to deal with that prevents us from getting involved with our kids’ learning. Should we worry if we can’t do all the things we normally do? And what about our homeschool records books? What will we write in them when we’re learning from life or homeschooling in a crisis?

Show Notes

Evernote and homeschool record keeping

My unschooling book series

Imogen Elvis on Youtube

Podcast music: Twombly by Podington Bear(CC BY-NC 3.0)


Image: Imogen and Sophie are on the main fire trail that runs through the bush close to our home. Four years ago, fire trucks were racing along this trail as firefighters fought an out-of-control fire. I tell this story in this week’s podcast!

Have you ever experienced a bushfire? Or maybe you’ve endured a different kind of crisis? I wonder how you coped and what you learned while life wasn’t normal. I’d love to hear your story if you’d like to stop by and say hello!

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    I have had this experience. I definitely can vouch for letting the experience be the teacher. Ask your kids for help. Explain to them what you can still do for them and ask for their ideas on making the rest work. I was talking to my teen daughter the other day and she expressed her love for real work. I think most people prefer real work to made up work games(many types of schoolwork).

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    I didn’t realize you released a new podcast! Loved it! 💕Reminded me of the time when left felt like it was falling apart and our homeschooling teacher wanted better essays from one of my children. This request made me feel overwhelmed and guilty to be expecting my 6th child. How silly was I? Nobody suffered any long term damage from a new baby or the busyness that comes along with the baby. I like how you talk about rich experiences and no need to supplement. It’s so true. 💕

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      Life does get overwhelming at times and it’s sad we feel we can’t relax and just go with the flow. These experiences end up being much more valuable for learning than ordinary life. Thank you for listening to my podcast. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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