Learning from Life, Record-Keeping, and Strewing


Last week, life was very busy. And even though there was no time for such things as ‘school’, we had a week jam-packed with learning. By the time Friday rolled around, I had an equally jam-packed unschool records book. Yes, notes were spilling out of my Evernote notebook, and our heads were buzzing with all the things we’d learned.

In this week’s podcast episode, I tell you about our week and how I recorded all our wonderful learning experiences. I discuss the following questions:

  • Does working together strengthen family bonds? What about doing hard things together?
  • Is it okay to support our young adult children as they pursue their dreams?
  • How can we turn real life into homeschool records notes?
  • Do we sometimes overlook opportunities for making notes? And do we miss opportunities for strewing?

Show Notes

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I had a few technical problems with this episode and did consider not posting it because I’m not happy with the audio quality. I hope you can bear with the knocking noises and slightly muffled sound. I also hope to fix all the sound issues by the time I record the next episode. If you listen, thank you for your patience!

I told you about our week in this podcast. I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing recently. Have you been working with other members of your family? And what do you like to do when you spend time together?


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  1. Reply

    Please, please. You taklked about writing your podcasts. This one seems jam-packed with answers, or at least pointers towasd answers – to a lot of my burning questions. Please begin to write again.

    1. Reply


      It must be very frustrating when I give hints about what I speak about in my podcasts and then not tell the full story. I'm sorry! Yes, I could write my podcasts as blog posts. I shall try and find time to do that. Thank you for asking. It's always helpful to know what people would like to read about. Answers to burning questions? I only hope you won't be disappointed when I tell you what I said!

  2. Reply

    So glad to hear your voice again! I love how your family all works together!!!

    1. Reply


      And I'm glad to see you on my blog! Thank you for your kind comment!

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