Letting Our Writing Imaginations Go Wild

The day before yesterday, while we were driving down the back road to town, we saw a tractor.

“I’m glad it’s not going our way,” I remarked as it crawled along the road in the opposite direction.

Yesterday, we were out on the road again. And again we came face-to-face with another slowly chugging tractor.

This morning, as we were driving out of our village…

“Look another tractor!”

“The third this week!”

Now tractors aren’t an uncommon sight in our area. We do live amongst farms. But three tractors in three days, all out on the road, all headed in the opposite direction from us? Well, that caught our attention.

As we raced past the latest tractor, my eyes lit up. “You know what?” I said. “I bet tractors are gathering somewhere near here. They’re coming from all around the country. And they have a plan. They’re going to take over the world!”

“Oh yes!” My girls’ eyes were dancing too.

“They were hoping to sneak to their secret meeting place without anyone noticing,” someone said.

“But they didn’t know we would be on the road. We’re observant. We notice everything!”

“We’ve foiled their plans!”

We all laughed.

Then I said. “If any of you get stuck with your NaNoWriMo novel, if you run out of ideas before you get to your word goal, you could add in a few evil tractors. Or you could save this story for a future novel!”

“Would the tractors just take over the world or would they threaten human life?”

“A tractor apocalypse instead of a zombie apocalypse!” 

Tractors are gathering. They’re going to rise up and threaten human civilization. Beware! 

(I wonder how they’re going to do it…)

If you’re finding it hard to come up with an idea for a novel, all you have to do is write about the ordinary things around you, things you know about…

And then let your imagination go wild!

Image: tractors are gathering…

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  1. Reply

    I knew it. I just knew it. I haven't seen a single tractor on my street in, well…. ever. I knew they must be somewhere, and now they are found and their plot is foiled.

    Writing about ordinary things is a great idea. I shall now consider doing a story about what I see around ME. "The Dawn of the Dust Apocalypse" ……. coming soon.

    1. Reply


      Isn't it fun to let our imaginations go wild? Probably most people think we are crazy because of the stories that come out of our heads, but I can see you are a kindred spirit. You are weird like us.

      Dust? I reckon dust could easily take over the world. As fast as we get rid of it, it returns. It could send all of us crazy. Except we're already crazy.

      You haven't written on your writing blog for a while. You could treat us to a post…

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

    2. Reply

      Thanks for your interest in the writing blog! I just don't feel inspired to do anything on that one lately. . Maybe someday I'll feel draw back to it. You know how it is… there's only so much time and inspiration!

    3. Reply


      I understand totally about not feeling inspired. As you've probably noticed I'm still waiting for inspiration to return for my Catholic blog. It's looking rather abandoned. Strange how inspiration disppears.. and then reappears when we least expect it. Who knows? We may go back to our blogs when inspiration suddenly hits us!

  2. Reply

    World dominating tractors? It sounds like a harrowing tale! :d

    1. Reply


      Ha ha! It certainly is! 🙂

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