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Years ago, when I first started blogging, I wanted to be popular. I looked at all the big bloggers with envious eyes, and dreamed of a day when I’d have just as many followers as they did. After a while my dream changed which is just as well because those followers didn’t materalise.

Why do we want lots of followers? So we’re popular? Do we all have a need to be liked? Because it’s a sign we’re successful? All our hard work has paid off in a visible way. So we’re seen as experts in our field? So we can share what’s important to us with more people? So we become rich and famous (or at least make a living!) by selling whatever we have to offer? I bet there are lots of reasons.

There are three reasons why I’d like to be better known.

1. To tell as many people as possible about unschooling. I do like to promote this way of life and would like to encourage others to consider unschooling, especially if they are struggling with their current method of homeschooling and parenting.

2. To share unschooling ideas and resources in a hopefully helpful way

3. To do a little promotion of my book. The Angels of Abbey Creek is never going to make me rich and famous, but it’s fun to share a little bit of myself in this way.

Even though I’d like to be better known, there’s little chance of me changing the world in a big way because I’m hopeless when it comes to social media and self-promotion. Most people seem to agree, you have to get out there and work hard at networking if you want to be successful. And somehow I can’t seem to do that.

Every now and then, I decide to give social media a go. Full of enthusiasm and new resolve I start liking and tweeting and sharing. But before long, I begin to feel overwhelmed by all the posts and links and conversations that keep hurtling towards me, demanding my attention. I just can’t keep up. I fall behind with retweeting and sharing and then I feel guilty. Eventually I retreat back to my small corner of the Internet. Yes, I haven’t got what it takes to carve out a bigger space for myself here online.

I often wonder if my reluctance to network in a big way has anything to do with being an introverted blogger. Is socialising online just as draining as socialising in real life? What do you think? Do you have networking problems too? Or do you breeze through social media enjoying the contact with other people?

It’s always interesting to ponder social media. I hope you agree because this is one of the things I chat about in this week’s podcast!

In episode 46, I also tell you about my sore legs. I’ve been sharing one of my daughter Sophie’s recent passions! I chat about a few resources too. And I ask a question about exercise. Will you listen to my podcast and then stop by with your answer?

Podcast Notes

Picture Perfect Social Media: A Handbook for Styling Perfect Photos for Posting, Blogging, and Sharing by Jennifer Young
Pixabay: Free High Quality Images You Can Use Anywhere
Canva: Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software
Picmonkey: Free Online Photo Editing

My children’s novel: The Angels of Abbey Creek
The Angels of Abbey Creek paper dolls

Fitness Blender: High-quality, full-length workout videos for every fitness level.Absolutely free

Unschooling blogs:

During my Twitter experiment, I did enjoy meeting two unschooling bloggers, Luminara King and Lehla Eldridge-Rogers. We’ve shared a few conversations so I know they read my posts and didn’t just retweet the links! Perhaps you’d like to visit their blogs.

Lehla’s blog: Unschooling the Kids

Luminara’s blog: Living the Education Revolution

Music:  60’s Quiz Show by Podington Bear, (CC BY-NC 3.0)

Thank you for listening!

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  1. Reply

    Well, my blog will never make me rich and famous, Sue as I have no inclination to become involved with social media and haven't a clue about tweeting, Facebook etc. LOL!

    1. Reply


      You don't need social media. Your blog seems to be buzzing with life without it. I imagine that's because you have a wonderful circle of friends who love your posts (there's always something interesting to read or look at!) and enjoy stopping by to chat with you. Who needs fame when we have friends?!

  2. Reply

    I can relate totally! I fail miserably at social media and I'm pretty sure my blog followers consists only of a handful of people..mostly family and close friends. Maybe it is because I'm introverted and even though I would like more followers and comments I don't NEED the "stimulation" that social sites offer… have a good point.

    1. Reply


      I'm so glad you understand what I said! Failing at social media? Oh yes, I feel such a failure sometimes, especially when I look at how wonderfully other people cope with it.

      I've been enjoying looking at your hiking photos. I love walking down a trail with my camera in hand, savouring the peace and quiet and beauty of nature. It seems you enjoy doing that too!

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. Reply

    Hi Sue! I've never left a comment before but I love your blog and your podcasts. In fact, I just wrote about you on my own blog; So I'm doing some promotion for you, lol! I only have about 3 followers so it's not as though you're about to become a Kardashian. I just wanted others to have a chance to benefit from your stories as I have. I hope you don't mind! My blog can be a bit cheeky but its all in good fun. If you don't like what I wrote, please let me know and I'll take it down immediately. Thank you for all your wisdom, Sue! You do make a difference.

    1. Reply


      Thank you so much for promoting my blog. I was very delighted to see my name in one of your blog posts! Did I mind? Oh no! I feel honoured. We can share our few followers and be friends and that's all that matters.

      I love your blog. If you have discovered my comment on your post (which was long enough to be a blog post!) you'll know I have visited it a few times. It's fresh and funny and entertaining. I often read but don't stop to comment which is sometimes a mistake. I miss opportunities to make new friends and ponder interesting questions. I'm glad you stopped by today. Thank you so much for reading my blog and listening to my podcasts. (I wish they were more worthy of your listening ears!) Your encouraging words are very much appreciated.

  4. Reply

    I am not a tremendous exerciser, but I swim much more in winter than in summer because there is an indoor pool (and gym) near my house. I do see people run (and I walk!) in the winter because the streets and many running/biking trails are plowed.

    We don't usually have snow on the ground all winter here. Where I grew up, we had more snow and we did a lot of ice skating, winter hiking and sledding. Believe me, at the time I was very fit, and hiking through knee deep snow is good exercise!

    For me, doing things in hot weather is a bigger problem. Because of the humidity, the temperature doesn't drop much at night, so there is no cool time of day to exercise. Of course, indoor routines are always possible! You've given me some much needed encouragement.

    I've never tried to do social media because I've always thought it would be (for me) a huge time sink, and I would lose my creative energy for my blog. I've never really intended my blog as something tons of people would see, so I've never worried about promoting it. I need it for home schooling records (and to prod me forward!), for family memories, and I'd like it to be a resource for other home schoolers. I guess I don't worry about it too much!

    I do love Pinterest, although I never go on unless I'm looking for something specific. It's a goldmine for home school resources! I'm glad you're doing it!

    1. Reply


      I can't imagine running along snow plowed roads. Even if the snow has been removed, the air would be cold and perhaps the roads are slippery(?) Oh my, you are all much tougher than me!

      I remember once looking at a photo of a blogger and her family swimming in an indoor pool and I could see the snow through the window. It was a wonderful picture. The water looked steamy and warm and everyone was having a wonderful time. It was hard to believe it would have been so cold on the other side of the glass. I bet you can outswim me by a long way. I may be able to run, but I am a hopeless swimmer!

      Even though you use your blog primarily for homeschool records, I'm glad you've never made it private. I always love visiting and reading about what you're doing. Your poem of the week feature inspired me to start a Pinterest board of our favourite poems. There aren't many poems on the board yet, but I hope to add lots more when I have time.

      Thank you so much for listening to my podcast. I am especially grateful you stopped by to answer my question. I enjoyed reading your answer. Isn't it interesting hearing about life in each other's countries?

  5. Reply

    I really enjoyed this podcast!
    I have just deactivated my FB account due to its content and my inability to stop. I was drowning in negative news!
    I have not been on Twitter as I can't decipher it 🙂
    Instagram has been great to post my photography and see other interesting work. I like your take on Pinterest where we have just met! I will be making a board for my BeautyScopes as I was looking for a home for them separate to my blog.
    The exercise side of things is difficult for me. As a highly sensitive parent of another highly sensitive person, we struggle to keep up a routine. Our bodies are so reactive we fall apart so quickly and need bedrest for days. But we are persevering and I am trying small amounts of running and walking to complement my yoga exercises. I'm slowly seeing results!
    I understand your soreness and hope it moves on soon 😀 Jazzy Jack

    1. Reply

      Jazzy Jack,

      I've never tried Instagram. I do like sharing photos but have only done that on my blog. I've been enjoying Pinterest. I shall look out for your BeautyScopes board! What I like about Pinterest is that everything on a board remains current. With Facebook, posts disappear down the feed and I'm sure are never seen again. Hardly anyone scrolls very far through a Facebook page.

      Oh yes, we must listen to our bodies when we exercise! We are all different and have to fine-tune what we do according to our health. It's always good to encourage each other to get out there and do as much as we can though!

      I saw your great new shorts and read about your running achievements. Wonderful! I really love your shorts. I need some new ones but haven't seen any in the shops I like. Perhaps the answer is to make my own.

      Despite having done a few very strenuous workouts, I'm feeling good. The soreness has just about disappeared (thank goodness!).

      You are so kind stopping by. Thank you very much for listening to my podcast and leaving this encouraging comment!

  6. Reply

    Thank you for the Pinterest reminder, I've just had a look over your boards and there is plenty there that interests me. My problem with Pinterest is there are so many weaving pins, I have over 800 pins on my weaving board now! I do like Pinterest a lot for it's ease of use and creative inspiration.
    The children are playing in the garden in the sunshine so I took the opportunity to turn up the sound and listen to your podcast while cleaning the kitchen, I'm glad I did!
    In my younger days (before children) I did jogging and aerobics but these days I can't get beyond walking due to my back injury that has become worse in recent years. It is a source of great frustration to me because I know my physical fitness is poor and I am overweight. But I am grateful that most of the time I am able to walk when I want to.

    Social media is a funny thing. Sometimes I love it and most of the time I don't even like it. But I find that if I don't spend time on Facebook I don't get much traffic to my Etsy shop. I've made many sales on FB and that's what keeps me going back. Like you, I also appreciate how quick and easy it is to message someone without having to find out email addresses.

    1. Reply


      You have 800 weaving pins? There must be lots of talented weavers out there! It doesn't take long to get a collection of pins, does it? I repinned a few rock art pins and then Pinterest kept showing me more and I think if I keep on pinning everything I see I'll soon have 800 pins too! (And I'm not even really interested in rock art!)

      I wonder if Pilates will help your back. I think Lucinda mentioned (in the comments of an earlier post) this was helping her. It's frustrating when we are limited by an injury, isn't it? I injured a knee several years ago and have to be careful. I remember how upsetting it was when I couldn't do what I wanted. I had to watch the girls run and just sit on the sidelines until the knee healed.

      Have you tried power walking or would that put too much stress on your back? Andy and I used to power walk and it was amazing the difference it made to our fitness and weight.

      Kelly, you have such a thriving Facebook page. You showcase your work and other people's so well. I can see why you make many sales there. I imagine you'd reach even more people if Facebook actually put your posts in everyone's feeds. I found that aspect of Facebook very frustrating.

      Thank you so much for listening to my podcast. I'm glad it kept your mind busy while your hands cleaned the kitchen!

    2. Reply


      I'm sorry to hear you have such severe back pain. 20 years and more is a long time to put up with an undiagnosed injury. Perhaps it's a bit like a headache?: Hard to forget and affects how you feel generally? I hope the chiropractor can continue to improve your condition.

      Today I discovered another change involving Facebook. I used to have my blog post notifications automatically posted to my pages by Networked blogs. I was thinking about getting my notifications posted to my Timeline now I no longer have any pages, but that's no longer possible unless I want to pay. The free service has become a paid one for new requests, over $20 a month! I think I'll post my blog stuff myself!

      Good to chat!

    3. Reply

      I love rock art (not that I've tried it…yet)
      I did clinical Pilates classes last year and while it did increase my strength, it made my back worse! At the beginning of this year I found a chiropractor who finally diagnosed the injury (which no one else had done in 20+ years) and has been treating me this year with a fair amount of success. Last year I had 6 major inflammations requiring bed rest for days and then recovery of weeks, I was feeling desperate. This year, with the chiro treatments I have had zero major inflammations, thanks be to God. I do still have constant pain and have to be careful always about what I do.
      Power walking could be a possibility, but not just yet, I hope I may have more improvement soon.
      Regarding Facebook, yes it is frustrating that they cut the post views a while ago. I felt they could have at least offered another option – perhaps a yearly fee for greater views? I have tried their one off sponsored posts and found it be a total waste of money.

  7. Reply

    I'm such a follower when it comes to social media. But I like to lead when it comes to enjoying a quiet, simple life at home…so not too many people will hear about my little world. I do love to be inspired by all the life-giving people out there (of which you are a superstar). But I'll happily sit here at home, giving a shout-out now and then, post a few pics here and there of my morning retreats, and call it good.

    1. Reply


      You always write such beautiful and encouraging comments. I've noticed how you're always sharing what's inspired you via social media. You are very generous. I'm not so good at doing that. I often fail to share the good stuff other people are offering. Thank you so much for always supporting me and my blog. I appreciate it!

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