Lots of Jane Austen Paper Dolls

When I was a child, one of my favourite games was paper dolls. My sisters and I had overflowing boxes of them that we kept under our beds. We made our own clothes for shop-bought dolls, and traced around those dolls to make more dolls. Everywhere there was paper and pencils, pens and scissors. I am sure we drove our mother mad with all the mess.
Now it is my turn to put up with all the mess. All five of my girls are paper doll lovers. Sophie and Gemma-Rose still like to play with their dolls. They have their own overflowing boxes of dolls, clothes and accessories. The older girls say they are far too old to play paper dolls, but I have noticed how much their enjoy designing clothes for their younger sisters’ dolls.
So my girls are paper doll girls. They are also Jane Austen girls. They love all the books and movies and mini-series… and of course, the paper dolls. 
Sometimes they like to print out coloured paper dolls on glossy paper and begin playing straight away. Other times they like taking the time to colour in B&W dolls and their clothes. They also like designing their own clothes using a fashion history book as a guide.
Here are a few Jane Austen dolls your girls might also enjoy:
A Regency Lady of Quality by Helen Page: coloured doll and clothes
Flora of the Regency by Paper Thin Personas: B&W doll and clothes to colour in
Paper Dolls Through Past Eras from Practical Pages: B&W dolls and clothes to colour in, including Jane Austen fashions of the 1800s
Regency Dress up Doll: female doll to dress online
Regency Hero Dress up Doll: male doll to dress online
And if you want to spend $6.35 you can buy Pride and Prejudice Paper Dolls, a book available from The Book Depository
(The online dolls are ‘naked’ when undressed. As the artist says, “There’s mild nudity of the Barbie variety.” View first if you are worried about them being child-friendly.)
When my girls see this post, I’m sure a paper doll mood will overcome them. I hope we’ve got plenty of paper in the printer. Soon the table will be covered with paper and pencils, pens and scissors… and I won’t hear a word from anyone for hours… except for lots of contented sighs.
Have you read my homeschooling story A JaneAusten Education? There’s a list of other Jane Austen resources at the end of the post.
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    I think a paper doll mood will overcome our girls, too, when they see these links! And, we've just this minute refilled the ink in the printer so I'm guessing that's going to keep them busy for a while. Hmm… I might get out our Pride and Prejudice DVD, too…. Which is your favourite? The BBC version?

    Thanks for the links, Sue:-)

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      The girls' eyes lit up when I mentioned paper dolls. Gemma-Rose is even prepared to put away her huge Barbie doll game, so she can start printing and colouring and cutting out.

      The BBC mini series is definitely our favourite of all the Pride and Prejudice DVD versions. We love the portrayal of Elizabeth Bennet. I've just remembered an Elizabeth paper doll that looks just like the mini-series character. Here's the link: http://digne.livejournal.com/141097.html


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