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When my husband Andy was made redundant from his job of more than 20 years, there was nothing else to do but trust God. Even though we couldn’t see it, He had a plan for our lives. We learnt to look at the blessings and not what Andy had lost. And so we enjoyed the unexpected time we got to spend with each other, while we wondered what to do next.

Soon Andy realised he had a unique opportunity to begin a whole new career. When he was accepted onto a Masters degree course 25 years after completing his Bachelor degree, we learnt that it is never too late to follow your dreams.

University was very different for Andy the second time round. But that didn’t matter because anything can be learnt when you need to know it. And so Andy very quickly gained the skills which allowed him to learn online in this digital age.

Andy graduated with a Dean’s medal. The thought of winning a medal hadn’t been his motivation to learn. He hadn’t even known such a medal existed until he was awarded one. Andy did so well, not because of the lure of a reward, but because he was truly interested in the subject.

Andy is an inspiration to our children. His achievements encourage them in their own learning.
You know what? I reckon Andy is a perfect example of an unschooler, which is rather funny considering he’s a school teacher!

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    • Hwee
    • October 16, 2014

    People are indeed capable of learning whatever it is that is relevant and interesting to them at any point in time, given access to the right tools and opportunities. A parent's motivation to learn and courage to take on new directions in life through learning are the most inspiring example to his own children. Your children are very fortunate to have witnessed this. 🙂

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      Oh yes, I think you are so right about courage. It is indeed possible for all of us to learn new things however old we get, but some of us are reluctant to try. I wonder why that is. Anyway, Andy did a fantastic job and I am quite inspired by his efforts. The kids are too! Thank you for your kind comment!

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    Andy's story is encouraging. I often worry when things don't seem to be going well. Trusting and finding new opportunities can seem difficult so it's good to read about how Andy turned things around.

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      It's not easy when things take a downward turn, is it? Perhaps we have to keep a trusting attitude. I have always found that we come out of such times with many blessings. I seem to remember Andy staying positive, and he concentrated on the good things like all that extra time we had together while he was out of work. It suppose it would have been sad to have wasted that by worrying, especially as things turned out so perfectly after all!

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