Mothers, Unschooling and a Lazy Way of Life

Is unschooling a lazy way of life? Do mothers choose to unschool because they can’t be bothered putting together a proper homeschool program for their children’s education? Perhaps unschooling mothers don’t actually do much in a day.

My daughter Imogen and I discussed these questions in today’s podcast.  

Along the way, we also talked about how we can encourage a love of learning, strewing, tiredness and how everything is potentially interesting, even maths! I also chatted more about fulfilling rather strict homeschool regulations, and record keeping.

I hope some of that sounds interesting and you’d like to listen to this week’s podcast. 

Please ignore any contradictions. This is an unscripted conversation where we mulled over ideas as we chatted. Words don’t always come out perfectly!

Program Notes

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The Angels of Abbey Creek

All the above photos were taken at The National Museum of Australia, in Canberra.

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  1. Reply

    Rather than think unschooling is lazy, I felt overwhelmed by what's involved. I've questioned whether I should be homeschooling if I can only get excited about things we naturally enjoy. Lots to ponder here, Sue 🙂

    1. Reply


      You sound discouraged and I feel sorry about that. That certainly wasn't my intention.

      Unschooling is a busy life but when I wake up feeling excited about the day ahead, and all we may discover and do together, it's not a burden at all. If we have to expose our kids to things which are not our natural passions, I'd rather approach the subjects with the attitude it might be interesting, and pass on that feeling to our children. The alternative is to face the subject with resentment and that, for me, is very tiring and unenjoyable.

      What if we didn't have to answer to anyone and could be totally free to do what we'd like? I think I would still offer my kids new experiences outside their obvious passions, and I'd do that with an air of interest. They can accept or refuse. Not everything we are interested in has to be a big passion. Yesterday we watched some science videos and then over dinner, we all had such a great discussion about them. I don't think anyone has a big passion for science but we still got excited about what we'd found out.

      Of course Imogen and I were talking about unschooling, and not homeschooling in general. There are lots of different ways to do things. Strewing, maintaining that attitude of curiosity, being a good example of learning, being available to answer questions and find resources without too much delay… these, I feel, are essential to the success of unschooling. But homeschooling works very differently. You have been homeschooling for so many years, I can't see you not doing it. You are experienced and if something is working for you, I'd ignore my posts and podcasts on unschooling. I'm not saying everyone should do things like we do. I'm just mulling over why unschooling is working for us. You might have different ideas and that's okay!

  2. Reply

    Hahahahahaaaa…. I love the picture of the dog with your book.

    You are so cute, Sue!!!! <3

    1. Reply

      Virginia Sue,

      Even dogs are reading my book, The Angels of Abbey Creek! Well, maybe Nora isn't exactly reading it, but at least she isn't chewing it up!

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