My Heart Lies South: the Story of a Mexican Marriage

After downloading this month’s free ebook from Bethlehem Books, I browsed the catalogue and discovered Elizabeth Borton de Trevino’s book My Heart Lies South is available as an ebook for $4.95.
I remember borrowing this book from a friend some years ago. I also remember how much I enjoyed it. Elizabeth tells the story of how she moved ‘south’ when she married her Mexican husband. The story is very Catholic and very funny.
Here is the website description:
What happens when a thoroughly twentieth-century American lady journalist becomes a Mexican señora in nineteen-thirties’ provincial Monterrey? She finds herself-sometimes hilariously-coping with servants, daily food allowances, bargaining, and dramatic Latin emotions. In this vivid autobiography, Newbery Award winning author Elizabeth Borton de Treviño brings to life her experiences with the culture and the faith of a civilization so close to the United States, but rarely appreciated or understood.

This special young people’s edition presents the humor and the insights of a remarkable woman and her contact with an era which is now past, but not to be forgotten.

I read the adult version but I was delighted to see that a young people’s version is also available. In a matter of minutes, I’d bought a copy of My Heart Lies South and downloaded the file to my computer, before transferring it to our Kindles. Now Charlotte (14) is giggling over Elizabeth’s autobiography. The mixture of Catholic Mexican culture and humour is very entertaining and interesting. I might read it again myself.
By the way, this month’s free Bethlehem ebook is The Mitchells: Five for Victory by Hilda van Stockum. Have you downloaded your copy?
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    I loved this book, Sue. There's such a warmth and genuineness about the Mexican people and Elizabeth, too. It was a nice story.

    Thank you for the reminder:-) I'll have a look on the site.

    God bless, Sue:-)

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      Don't you just love rediscovering good books? And I love introducing my children to them when they get to the appropriate age.

      Talking of age, I had to come back and correct Charlotte's age. I thought she was 15. Actually she is only 14 which is rather a relief. She is growing up too fast as it is!

      Charlotte finished "My Heart Lies South" today. She definitely recommends it!

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