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My Unschooling Book Series (1)

My Unschooling Book Problem

Did you hear the story about how I’m writing an unschooling book? Is it fiction? A tall tale? Fantasy, perhaps? A wild, impossible imagining?

A very long time ago, I set out to turn this blog into a book. Several times since then, I’ve said, You remember that book I’m writing? I’m going to finish it! And although I do have a first draft manuscript, I can’t seem to get it to the publishing stage. Why not?

Have I just lost interest in sharing the unschooling story? Perhaps I’m telling myself that there are plenty of other unschooling books out there. Why does the world need mine? Or am I just too lazy to get down to the serious work of turning my unpolished thoughts and stories into a proper book?

I’m not sure what my exact problem is. All I know is that this incomplete book is taking up a lot of space at the back of my mind. It’s refusing to budge. Perhaps it’ll stay there forever unless I do something about it: Delete it or finish it.

Soon I’ll be moving on. My unschooling blogging days are numbered. My girls are growing up. I’m running out of stories. Also, I feel the need to do something different. I’m wondering if an unschooling book would be the perfect way to say goodbye.

The Challenge

One of my first thoughts this morning was: NaNoWriMo starts today. I’m not signed up. Unlike three of my daughters, I don’t plan to write a novel during the 30 days of November. But I do have a writing idea: While my daughters create marvellous adventures in their fantasy worlds, could I work on my unschooling book? And to keep me motivated, could I publish a blog post each day sharing something I’ve written?

30 blog posts in 30 days? Can I do this? Maybe. Would anyone read all my posts? I have no idea. All I know is that I need a challenge. I’m stuck. My creative life has no focus. I can’t seem to find the thing I’m supposed to do next. And perhaps I never will until I tie up all the unschooling loose ends.

Announcing a challenge is dangerous. What if by the end of November I still haven’t managed to get my unschooling book in order? What if I once again abandon it? I’ll be back where I started. Except I won’t. I’ll have written 30 extra unschooling blog posts. Even if I never publish a book, these posts might be a good summary of my blog.

Some Writing Resources

So are you doing NaNoWriMo? If so, have you planned out your novel? Are you excited at the thought of writing 50,000 words in 30 days? My girls are. They can’t wait to get started.

Yesterday, Gemma-Rose and I listened to the latest episode of the Writing Excuses podcast: NaNoWriMo 2017 Primer. Then we had a look at two writing websites, mentioned in the podcast, which might be helpful during NaNoWriMo (or at any other time when you need an extra push to get your words from your head to the computer.)

If your word count isn’t rising as quickly as you’d like, perhaps you can visit My Write Club and organise a word sprint or word war or just set a writing goal.

And if you’d like to combine writing with an online game, take a look at 4thewords:

4thewords is an online space where the daily habit of writing is empowered and rewarded through game mechanics. Heroes, quests, legendary items and battles with epic monsters encourage you to pursue that one simple, yet elusive goal: writing. This is a place to take the deep dive with the Muse, rack up the 10,000 hours to mastery, and come out screaming “I care!” “Eureka!” and “I’ve done it!” Or maybe just type it out… not everyone cares for screaming, you know?

Will You Join Me?

It’s November 1. It’s the first day of NaNoWriMo. And this is my first post of the month. Will you join me tomorrow for the next instalment of my unschooling book blogging challenge? Please do!

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  1. Reply

    It’ll be very quiet at your house this month with everyone head down, tail up, typing away!
    I will follow with interest.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Reply


      I love your description. It’s perfect. Heads down, tails up and our fingers are tapping away at a furious pace. I’m glad you will be following along. Your interest will spur me on to write each day’s post!

    • Clare
    • November 1, 2017

    I’d love to read your challenge posts, and your book!

    1. Reply


      I’m so glad. Thank you!

  2. Reply

    I will gladly read all 30 of your posts. I don’y know whether I’ll join yet. Things have been crazy-busy here with no hope of letting up soon.

    1. Reply


      Writing 30 posts in 30 days reminds me of the A-Z blogging challenge. I always loved sharing those stories with you. This time, I get to read a post of yours each day during this month. I see you are joining me in the challenge! Your efforts will encourage me to keep writing. Thank you!

  3. Reply

    I love to read whatever you write Sue, especially about unschooling!

    1. Reply


      You are always very kind and encouraging. Thank you!

    • Luana
    • November 2, 2017

    That sounds fun! Yes, I would love to read all your new posts!

    1. Reply


      Thank you. I’m so glad you want to follow along!

    • Alison
    • November 2, 2017

    I will read all your posts too, Sue!

    1. Reply


      I’m so pleased. Thank you for stopping by to let me know!

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