Old Fashioned Playground Fun

One day I realised my homeschooled children were missing out. I remembered one very good experience of my days at school and my children knew nothing about it. I decided it was time to catch up with their education. It was time to pass on some old fashioned traditions. 
I ignored protests such as, “It’s really cold outside, Mum!” and said, “Nonsense! We’re going to have some fun.” Actually, I was tempted to stay inside in the warm too. But I didn’t. I headed out into the cold wind with all my reluctant children in tow. And soon we were enjoying ourselves so much, we didn’t even notice the weather.
I searched my memory for the rules to all those games I’d played in the playground during my school lunch breaks: skipping songs, elastics, chasing games, hopscotch… Lunch time was certainly the best part of the school day.
Of course, I had to demonstrate everything. I got my legs tangled in the elastics. I got a stitch in my side after a round of skipping games. A feeling of panic overcame over me as my eldest son came closer and closer in a game of tag. Would I be able to reach ‘bar’ in time? I soon realised I needed to get fitter. But I had lots of fun. And I learnt it’s much more enjoyable to join in than stand on the side-lines shouting out instructions.
We had a wonderful afternoon together in the garden playing games. I passed on some traditions of my childhood, we all got lots of exercise and we created a few happy memories. 
I’ve found a few resources you can use if your children have also missed out on all the fun of playground games. 
There’s lots of other sites that are easily found online, but this is a start.
So gather your children, get outside, and have some fun. 
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    I remember playing hopscotch and skipping games! Our children are lucky to have children in the neighbouring houses to play games with but I'm not sure whether they play the same games that we used to. You did well to keep up with the children, Sue – I'm not sure whether I would have been able to!

    Thank you for the links!

    God bless:-)

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      We've never lived anywhere with neighbourhood children for ours to play with. This is both good and bad! And I've never thought about whether the playground games have changed since our day. The ones I found online seem very similar to the ones I remember. I'll have to ask Andy what sort of games his kids at school play. I know he uses a lot of tag type games in his PE to encourage the kids to move while they're having fun.

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