Overcoming the Temptation to Doubt

My Unschooling Book Series (5)

Self-doubt is a terrible thing. It holds us back, preventing us from using our talents to do things that could be very good.

Yesterday, I doubted. Kind friends stopped by to reassure me. And today, I’m not worrying about what other people might think. If I publish a book and then someone says, “What right have you to write about unschooling? You haven’t got the perfect family,” I’ll deal with it. If anyone judges me then, sadly, they just don’t understand.

It would be nice if everyone liked us and approved of what we’re doing. But that’s not going to happen. We’re all going to face criticism of some kind. Although words have the power to hurt us, we can choose to ignore them. We can refuse to let others influence what we do. People who don’t encourage and support us, especially when we’re having a difficult time, aren’t real friends. Their circle isn’t where we belong.

My kids aren’t perfect. I bet yours aren’t either. But that’s okay. We’re going to keep on loving and accepting and encouraging each other. Together we’ll become the people we are meant to be.

So I’m going to keep writing about unschooling. I’m not going to retreat and keep quiet. If I do that, our critics have won.

And now I’ve overcome the temptation to doubt, it’s time to work on my book.

Image: Despite the difficulties, life is full of joy and love. We’re on the right track. This is where we belong.

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  1. Reply

    Well written indeed. Yes if we shut up the critics /enemies / opposition … whatever have won. That’s the Pippi-spirit! She is one of my great idols.

    1. Reply


      I love Pippi too! I once heard someone describe her as an unschooler. I shall think of her whenever I’m tempted to let the critics have the last word!

  2. Reply

    So happy to hear it! I know your book will be an encouragement to many.

    1. Reply

      Thank you, Venisa!

    • Denise Harvey
    • November 5, 2017

    I so agree. We HAVE to find ways to beat back that doubting voice in our heads. It’s not who we truly are. Fear is the mindkiller! Be fearless!

    1. Reply


      Hello! I have indeed decided to be fearless. It’s so lovely to swap comments here on my blog!

  3. Reply

    Beautifully said, Sue. A great message.
    Thank you….

    I’ve been enjoying your daily series!
    Happy to stop in and say hello to my dear friend. I miss seeing you out thee on soc media, but I’m so happy to find you here always at your home on the web! xoxoxo
    “See” you soon, Have a lovely day Sue.

    1. Reply


      I have missed you! Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello.

      I see you’ve been writing your own blog post series. A challenge is good, isn’t it? It gets us moving again when things have been quiet.

      I hope all is well with you and your family. xxx

    • Gina
    • November 6, 2017

    Yes, keep on writing! Your writing inspires me!

    1. Reply


      Thank you so much for your kind words. I feel encouraged!

    • Lisa
    • November 6, 2017

    Those people that write from a perfect family and experience perspective are nearly always glossing over facts. Who wants to read something we can’t relate to anyway, just makes us doubt ourselves and what we are doing. Your journey is worth hearing about and only you can write it in such a beautiful way. xxx.

    1. Reply


      What wonderful words! I now feel I can go out there and write dozens of books! Well, maybe not dozens. Just one completed unschooling book will satisfy me! It’s so lovely to chat with you!

  4. Reply

    Yay Sue! All artists experience that moment of self doubt I’m sure, but the successful ones keep going despite it.
    I think we bring our self critic to bear too early in the process. We need to brainstorm and produce stuff first, and then our critic can help us weed out and edit. So just put the editor back in its box until it is needed! Tell it it will have its moment later on and to be patient.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Reply


      “All artists experience that moment of self doubt…” It’s funny how many of us are reluctant to label ourselves as artists. I’m an author but part of me says I don’t deserve to be called one. Yes, I’m too critical of myself. I love your advice. The editor is back in its box. I shall carry on writing!

      Thank you so much for stopping by to encourage me!

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